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Colour while you Cleanse!

Keracolor color Clenditioner colour Shampoo in silver cleanses, nourishes and also imparts gorgeous colour onto her hair! This non-lathering conditioning cleanser soon deposits direct dye color pigments with every wash. Perfect come maintain colorful coloured hair and also prevent fading, or mix that up between salon visits. Colours becoming an ext vibrant and longer lasting with every wash. Pigment deserve to last approximately 10-15 washes, depending on porosity and pre-lightened level!

IMPORTANT: This product consists of ingredients the may reason skin wake up on certain individuals. A preliminary check should an initial be made follow to the accompanying directions.

To Use:

For bright, interlocutor hues, use on pre-lightened blonde hair. Because that pastel tones, use on irradiate brown to tool blonde hair, or mix 50/50 v Keracolor Clenditioner air conditioning Shampoo. If you space going to do a drastic colour change, you re welcome consult through a shop professional.

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Wear gloves once using to protect against staining that hands. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Saturation hair through water and apply a generosity amount of Keracolor color Clenditioner colour Shampoo. If applying to whole head the hair, comb through from roots to ends to distribution product. If using to details areas, work-related through v your fingers. Leaving for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly for intense colour!

For maximum intensity, carry out multiple applications until desired colour is achieved. To maintain accomplished tone, alternate with Keracolor Clenditioner air conditioning Shampoo. When offered on brown hair, multiple applications may be needed to achieve tone, depending on chosen colour.

Features: Cleanse and also condition hair whilst friend colourDeposits straight dye pigments for a rise of silver- colour through every washUse as a toner to boost cool tones top top blonde hairWe recommend wearing gloves when using to prevent staining of handsFor true, bright colour apply to pre-lightened hairMaintains color to avoid fadingNot tested on animalsMade in the USASize: 355ml to shop’s complete variety of Keracolor hair products and also colouring shampoos view: