Q: Pat: What’s happening through future heat books? Is FEVERSONG the last book or room there 2 an ext books? I"m seeing conflicting information online.

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KMM: just as SHADOWFEVER was the conclusion to the first story arc, FEVERSONG concludes the 2nd story arc. Ns talked around this in my respectable 2015 blog write-up where i said: “ICED was my DARKFEVER, setting the stage and also engaging emotion wherein I wanted it, melted is my BLOODFEVER, structure the scenery and also developing the nuances necessary, FEVERBORN is FAEFEVER & DREAMFEVER wherein the stakes become increasingly clear and everything goes password red. FEVERSONG is my SHADOWFEVER, whereby the shit I"ve to be stirring into a mystery and a puzzle and also a pattern access time the fan and flies off the blades to take its true form.”

I think the man stems indigenous a recent write-up in which ns told fans i agreed come write second two fever novels for random House. They will certainly not be component of the present story arc. The current story arc ends with FEVERSONG.

Q: Dawn: How is the 2nd story arc she telling various from the first five publications of the fever series?

KMM: I’m not sure I completely understand this question but here goes: In the very first five books, whatever was mysterious due to the fact that you were simply meeting the characters. And also the secret is exciting, compelling, sexy. Not knowing what’s yes, really going top top heightens the reader’s sense of danger and also titillation. By the moment we obtain to the second story arc, we recognize the characters better. We’re seeing behind Oz’s curtain. A writer needs to go one method or the other: keep it eternally mysterious (which would drive me crazy) or go into into the character’s true selves, behind Oz’s curtain. For this reason the first five books, I’d say you’re seeing the curtain and in the next part of the series, you’re gaining glimpses behind it.

I’d additionally say the very first story arc was around Mac discovering what she was and wasn’t. The 2nd story arc is around finding the end what she does around that. The first story arc was about meeting Dani. The 2nd story arc is about Dani becoming the following thing. And finally, both story arcs are about this: Mac had all the love in the world yet had experienced no trauma, had never occurred true strength. Her story is around finding strength. She there is no attained it in ~ the finish of SHADOWFEVER. She ‘strength’ at the finish of the an initial story arc is Barrons—making their partnership imbalanced, and also Mac to know it. Mac to know she has to resolve her insecurities about herself prior to she can ever have a truly phenomenal connection with her man. Dani had actually all the strength in the world but no love. Currently is she time to recognize love. Both personalities start out flawed, in a state of huge imbalance. My score is come balance both through the end. Evolution, transformation is constantly my theme. These stories aren’t really about Barrons or Ryodan or any kind of of the men. They’re around Mac and also Dani.

Q: Jenny: Is Shazam real? girlfriend can"t leaving me hanging. I love the so much! He has to be real!

KMM: You’ll uncover out in FEVERSONG, which will certainly be exit in January 2017.

Q: Rosie: i love just how Dani/Jada is evolving. Will certainly we acquire to see much more of her time in the silvers?

KMM: I’m definitely open to it. The was five plus years and also a an excellent deal happened. The question I need to ask myself as the writer is how much backstory is relevant to occasions that open in FEVERSONG. Ns love writing Dani at 14 and at her existing age, so we’ll see.

Q: Maria: I love Mac and also Barrons yet my best friend doesn’t obtain it (maybe I require a new best friend, LOL) she wants more romance. What carry out you think the is around them that provides them for this reason polarizing?

KMM: First, thanks! ns love Mac and also Barrons, too. Second, us all have different tastes, different desires in a relationship. Ns cringe at the assumed of a joined-at-the-hip kind of relationship yet my BFF has exactly that and also loves it. Different strokes for different folks.

I think what renders Mac and Barrons polarizing is the they have actually a non timeless romance. Castle both pure Alphas at differing phases the evolution and Alphas aren’t large on pillow talk, or any kind of kind of talk at all. Lock the strong silent form and deserve to be difficult to handle. Over there are levels of Alpha. Barrons is a mature, pure Alpha, born in a barbaric time (and no i’m not telling you when) who has actually endured many living hells and who—although the has progressed throughout a tiny eternity—will always be a product that his origins, thrust by the beast within. The obeys no law yet his own. He’s been saying from the beginning, look in ~ my actions, nothing ask because that words. Ryodan speak Mac at an early stage the key to knowledge Barrons as soon as he claims “words deserve to be twisted into any kind of shape….the wisest male is the quiet one. Judge him by his actions.” Actions room all the really counting to M & B, ergo the dearth that conversation.

(As an interesting side note, one of my friends called me ago in college the he thought the finest relationship a person could have was with someone that didn’t speak the same language—he was likewise an Alpha. He said, indigenous confuse points enormously because the very same word have the right to have a completely different connotation to different people. He married a Japanese woman and also they never learned every other’s language. They have actually an remarkable marriage. Again, various strokes…)

Mac is a young pure Alpha who is still defining herself and her needs. Mac & Barrons require a the majority of room come breathe and also make their own decisions—right or wrong. Neither room the form to confide or ask for advice. They’re prickly and also independent. Respecting each other’s room and boundaries is vital to them, castle both enjoy—even require—large chunks of solitary time. Together sex is regularly the only location an Alpha mirrors raw emotion, sex in between Alpha partner is intense and also necessary come their feeling of unity. That they choose to be intimate through each various other is the method they present the depth of your unconditional commitment. A sort of raw, fierce primal: you room mine and also I to be yours, always.

But some people—my BFF and also maybe yours—like romantic talk, linguistic foreplay and expressions the love, flowers and candy and also and for that factor an Alpha cooperation doesn’t work for them.

Q: Sally: How do you define Jada dancing to Hozier as soon as the track didn’t come out till after the wall surfaces fell?

KMM: several of these inquiry I never see coming! because I’ve never stated what YEAR it is in any type of of the heat books, you need to be make the assumption that the year one of the publications in the collection was published amounts to the fictional year is in the book—which is impossible due to the fact that only one year has actually passed in both story arcs for this reason far, and also I’ve published 8 books over ten years. I chose to provide only the month and day (with the exception of when I specify time/AWC) from the very beginning, for this reason the series would constantly be current.

Q: Ellen: As an aspiring writer, I have a technological question. How do you handle having actually so many Alphas on the stage?

KMM: an excellent question! ns addressed this in ~ the FEVERBORN Launch likewise (Link come Q&A).

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 It’s complicated and I perform it as well as I can yet I think it’s a catch-22 as soon as you have this countless primary personalities that reader love. I have to remove details primary personalities in order to offer other characters’ stage time and once I remove them, people who love that character acquire upset, they want to know what’s going on through them. I gain emails from people who think Dani and also Dancer and Ryodan nothing belong in this books, and feel the Mac and Barrons’ story. I get just as plenty of emails from human being who think exactly the opposite. The truth is, they’re every in it and they all belong in it. Over there will constantly be reader who want one personality on the web page right now more than any type of other. Ns feel the same method when I read GRRM. I’m like—wait—get earlier to this character right now, damn it! mine advice come you if you’re just beginning out is limiting the Alphas you put on the stage. Save a chop focus. It’s much easier on both the writer and also reader.

Thank friend for sending your inquiries in. Castle so much fun come read. Keep ‘em coming!