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Kakurenbo is a one-shot ova and is Yamatoworks an initial attempt in ~ an anime. And also as the title suggests, its one OVA around hide and also seek. But like any great anime out there yes sir a most rules and twists come this 30 minute show. Thirty minutes isn't enough time come flesh the end character backgrounds and a deep story however it provides out the rules and punishments that the game all in the beginning of the show. And also that provides this display a most points native me considering just how confusing and crazy the show gets appropriate away. For example one that the rules gets damaged even prior to the video game begins. Yet it all will start to make sense toward the end.As for the characters, they're all grade school children however they all have their own unique style and also look. Because that instance, one kid has actually earrings huge enough to have actually a kanji symbol on it, one more has a mowhawk, etc. Nevertheless these youngsters arent your typical kind of kids but I don't think this show is aimed toward a young audience considering the graphics nature of this OVA. Well its no a graphic violence but an ext of a psycho thriller. I beg your pardon is pretty unique since you dont see these species of anime being created as much. But earlier to the characters, they every wear fox masks as a necessity to play the game. I'm assuming this is a relocate to conserve money ~ above animation, or it have the right to be to rise the scare element of the show. Which bring me come the art and also animation the the show. Apparently it took the manufacturing team 6 month to produce this one episode, and you deserve to see that most of their work-related was put right into the art and also animation that this show. That looks like many of the display was hand drawn yet the characters are a mix of cell-shading and also hand attracted animation. Together you well know this mix usually looks nice bad, yet surprisingly they regulated to make it look really REALLy great in this show. The antagonists are all vibrant and oozing evil, neon lights all have a soft neon glow, posters on exit walls space written out with care, and even heaps that trash and also debris have actually their very own beauty come them. The detail to the elevator artwork is just insane it shows up they put in simply as much work to the backgrounds together they did to the characters. Together for the sound effects and voice acting, one turns out really EXCELLENT and also the other turns out really mediocre. The sound impacts are top notch and set the mood every perfectly. Nearly a tiny too perfect. Tho air can be heard, buzzing that neon lights, even the dilapidated structures that do the setting all creak and also crack through antique clarity. In ~ times, the sound will certainly actually make you run if you get too into the show. Top top the other hand, the voice exhilaration is trivial at best. Most of the time they don't even speak, they greatly run and scream in fear. Two of the youngsters don't also speak at all. However where there is no dialog, they're typically some sort of suspenseful, creepy, or downright ominous song brooding over the show. As usual, my evaluation is beginning to coming to be longer 보다 the whole present itself. Overall, the display is a an excellent psychological thriller that is an extremely open minded to distinctive shows. This display is obviously complete of holes and also inconsistencies, but the whole experience will still be interesting every time i watch it. And also I've watched it 4 times currently :)