introducing Courses because that! 360 construct a culture of continuous learning and engage learners like never before. Design awesome finding out experiences you have the right to adapt to any training setting. We help you make work feel prefer play.

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*! and Clever joining pressures

Passionate about improving education and making discovering awesome for students and teaches worldwide!

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Who claims studying can"t it is in fun?!+ examine introduces a fast and flexible study toolkit that provides learning much more interesting, more engaging, and an ext enjoyable.

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*! at college

Engaging group and also distance discovering for teachers and also students.

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*! at work

Deliver training, presentations, meetings and events in-person or on any video clip conferencing platform.

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*! at home

Learning Apps and also games for household fun or residence study.

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*! Academy

Explore content and also join one of the world’s largest educator communities.

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watch the! EDU Meetup: loss edition on-demand

Enhance finding out with happy pedagogy and also a an effective toolkit.View the conference recordings native our free virtual PD event!

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introducing!+ the family members subscription

Make discovering awesome because that the entire family!Learn moreBuy now


It just takes minutes to produce a learning game or trivia quiz on any topic, in any type of language.

“! has come to be one of our "flagship cultivate tools". I think! is irreplaceable, as it requires learners transparent sessions and also helps employee retain essential information more effectively."
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