The last act leads through a returning political leader and also ends through the climax of the story, all following in Insula Striate.

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Just Causage 3 | Act 3

Story Mission 3-1: Rico and the Rose

Rosa Manuela is coming back from out of hiding to help in the rdevelopment as the political leader, but surely Di Ravello’s soldiers will attempt to rip her plane to shreds. Rico demands to fly out tright here and also protect her at all expenses.

Take the airplane to your left and also as soon as you’re within 2km a cutscene will certainly start. After that, just usage the homing missiles to take out any jets coming at her. At the very same time, though, organize

because you will certainly need to catch up with her plane as soon as the jets sheight coming.

Tether on to her airplane and also land it at the rebel hideout of Insula Fonte, a whole region (albeit small) named Umbra. She will certainly give thanks to you and also talk through the rebels over the rdevelopment, yet initially she will stumble upon someone a thorn in your side.

Story Mission 3-2: Derailed Extraction

Before you start this mission, take an RPG via you, because Di Ravello is trying to take Bavarium to an airport by train, and also you’ll be on a train coming from the other direction.

Two will drop you off over the train you’ll be riding, and as soon as you execute you’ll be assaulted by helicopters galore, and two vehicles from behind. Throughout the ride, take out the helicopters promptly by tethering them to the ground and reeling them in.

At 2 points of your ride will be vehicles coming in from behind, so either launch an RPG missile at the front or detach the train at the location the game tells you to. Soon enough, you will be coming up onto the target train, so pull out your RPG and launch a missile right into the front, destroying both yours and also Di Ravello’s trains simultaneously.

Story Mission 3-3: The Great Escape

Annika’s old crew has actually been caught and sent to occupational in Di Ravello’s mines as slaves. She is insisting that you gain them out of tright here, so swoop to the entrance to the prichild to discover that Di Ravello has actually closed the door on you.

In the initially room, tright here are 2 butloads to press; one is on the left side, and the various other is on the appropriate. After pressing both, you’ll have to hack a computer system. Luckily, the guards in this room never before have the right to acquire any backup because they’re locked in too, so take your time killing all the guards to ensure your safety and security.

The second room is simply about the exact same, yet the appropriate button is even more close to the middle of the room while the left one is still near the left perimeter. Again, press these butloads and also hack the computer when you’re prepared.

The last room has actually 2 generators to destroy, however acquiring to the buttons is pretty hazardous. Tright here will certainly be a number of exact soldiers and a gatling gun soldier, so try to take out the gatling soldier first. Take out all the guards prior to pressing the first button, then running ago to a hiding spot to kill the brand-new guards that generate. Destroy the particular generator, and also then perform the exact same for the second one.

Annika and Teo will now be assaulted, so fly up through the hole in the roof of the generator room to them and take out the enemies prior to they kill one of them. After they’re dvery own, 2 vehicles will drive in; as soon as they’re taken treatment of, the mission will finish.

These Mines are the PitsComplete Story Mission: The Great Escape.


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Story Mission 3-4: Bavarium on a Plane

At the beginning of the mission, Sheldon will try to make amends for just how things have actually been going in Medici. Before things get too awkward, Dimah mirrors up, and also Sheldon provides the chance to distract them all through the details that a aircraft holding a vehicle bomb is about to take off from the surrounding airport.

Take the vehicle at the start (Dimah and also Sheldon are inside) to the airport by complying with the arrows on the road. You can off-road it, but it’s riskies and can not offer you sufficient time. Once on the strip, drive right into the cargo hold of the aircraft.

There will certainly be only two males guarding the cargo hold, so take them out and also head for the roof. Jets will come in groups of four, so grapple them to either an additional jet or the cargo airplane itself. The plane won’t take any type of damage unless by a jet’s missiles.

Once cshed enough to Citate di Ravello, gain earlier to the cargo organize and also drive the car bomb off the aircraft and obtain out of it prior to it hits the water. Sheldon will certainly close this mission through an old renote from the Agency’s Panau days.

Story Mission 3-5: The Watcher on the Wall

Di Ravello’s forces are coming in to take Zeno and kill as many kind of rebels as they have the right to. First will be a lot of land troops and a tank, adhered to by 2 helicopters. Hijack the tank to make this wave of opponents a breeze.

The following 3 or so waves of adversaries will certainly be pucount helicopters, so either stay in the tank or use an AA-gun on optimal of the wall to take them out. After this will certainly be jets in pairs of two, adhered to by a tiny amount of land troops. The troops need to actually be your first priority given that they fire at a quicker rate than the jets fire their missiles accurately.

Taking out all the adversaries will cause Zeno flying appropriate past you after being broken out of his cell. A rebel will arrive via a motorcycle for you to use, so drive it till you can wingsuit as much as him and also grapple onto his helicopter. Use GE-64 or some various other indicates to kill Zeno, and you’ll be collection for the following mission.

Story Mission 3-6: Bavarium Blackout

Note: Before you can begin this mission, you must initially liberate 3 provinces in the area of Insula Striate.

Dimah will certainly fill you in that Insula Striate’s FOW is no various from the others, so just follow the pipes and wait for Dimah to hack open up the door.

Hop down inside and also be wary of a heavy soldier transferring a gatling gun. To clear this mission the fastest, take him out and also usage the gatling gun or carry some other effective weapon. To carry out it the safest, take out eextremely single guard and also then dispose of the generators at your very own pace. Like always, there will be an different leave nearby.

Misc Achievement: Top of the World

The finish of Bavarium Blackout is a great opportunity to obtain to the highest suggest in Medici. Here is a video clip reflecting you just how to get tbelow, founding at the finish of the aforementioned mission.

Top of the WorldStand also on foot at the greatest allude of Medici.


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Story Mission 3-7: The Shatterer of Worlds

Note: Before you have the right to begin this mission, you must initially libeprice the province of Falco, which has only one area, Falco Maxime: CentCom.

This is an additional battle throughout a region of Medici, this time it will certainly be the last one: Insula Striate. The initially fight to win will certainly be the killing of just a few snipers while rebels drive via Citprice Di Ravello. Snipers have incredibly low health, so you must have no trouble here.

The second fight will be on the outskirts of Citate di Ravello. Tons of ground troops and also tanks are relocating in on the rebels right here, so hack both SAM sites below and also rebel air assistance will fly in to aid you. To rate points up, you could also hijack a tank and also blast amethod at the enemy.

The third and last fight will be fairly a methods ameans, but luckily for you there is a jet nearby for you to use. Three other jets will be flying around an island also, so usage your homing missiles to ruin them conveniently. The last thing you have to execute is fulfill Dimah at Falco Maxime’s central command also tower as she destroys all understanding of Bavarium.

Mistakes and also TriumphsComplete Story Mission: The Shatterer of Worlds.


Story Mission 3-8: Son of Medici

Di Ravello has fcaused that volcano on the optimal left of the map. After finding Annika and Teo at the celebration hosted by Rosa Manuela, take a jet to the volcano. Your friends firmly insist that once you’re dvery own tbelow, Di Ravello will certainly have to come out.

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Di Ravello does present himself, but he’s in a gold Urga Mstitel, the most powerful helicopter in the game. The Bavarium shielding, and the light around you, is red, so you may have a difficult time gauging just how a lot damage you’ve taken. Dodge his missiles, and once his shield is down, pelter him with everything you’ve obtained (or tether his Mstitel to the ground and reel him in for a fight lasting much less than a minute).

Di Ravello will emerge from the wreckage, alive, saying that he cannot be beat by Rico Rodriguez. He will certainly start monologuing, so shoot him whenever you feel choose it as soon as provided the prompt.