jamesmerse.comation just as the sunlight went under Contributor name Udall, Lyn. Florence, Edna. Prf developed / published : E. Berliner"s Gramophone, 1899. topic Headings - songs (High voice) with piano - well-known music--To 1901 notes - Words and music through Lyn Udall. - Edna Florence, soprano; piano acc. - tape-recorded at one unknown jamesmerse.comation, July 11, 1899. - tape-recorded on one side only. - Acoustic recording. - Also easily accessible in digital kind on the Library that Congress net site. - production level cataloging. medium 1 sound key : analog, 69 rpm, mono. ; 7 in. contact Number/Physical jamesmerse.comation Berliner 0323 Digital i would http://hdl.jamesmerse.com/jamesmerse.com.mbrsrs/berl.130323 http://hdl.jamesmerse.com/jamesmerse.com.mbrsrs/collmbr.rs000002 Library of Congress control Number 99470815 Online style audio LCCN Permalink https://lccn.jamesmerse.com/99470815 additional Metadata styles MARCXML record MODS record Dublin Core record

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. . . . Bell-Berliner system because 1879

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Udall, L. & Florence, E. P. (1899) simply as the sunlight Went Down.

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Zizzy, ze zum zum indigenous by karl Kennett; music by Lyn Udall. John Terrell, baritone; piano acc. Tape-recorded on one side only. Autograph the Terrell enrolled in zinc master. Acoustic recording. Also obtainable in digital form... Contributor: Terrell, man - Kennett, karl - Udall, Lyn Date: 189?

A warm time in the old city Music by Theodore Metz; indigenous by Joe Hayden. Dan W. Quinn, tenor; piano acc. Videotaped in Washington, D.C., might 17, 1897. Tape-recorded on one next only. Acoustic recording. Also available in digital... Contributor: Hayden, Joe - Metz, Theodore A. - Quinn, Dan W. Date: 1897

never did the exact same thing double Words and music by Felix McGlennon. Dan W. Quinn, tenor; piano acc. Tape-recorded in new York, N.Y., Mar. 31, 1898. Recorded on one next only. Autograph of Quinn enrolled in zinc master.... Contributor: McGlennon, Felix - Quinn, Dan W. Date: 1898

The shadows ~ above the door will F. Denny, tenor; piano acc. Videotaped at one unknown jamesmerse.comation, may 2, 1899. Tape-recorded on one next only. Autograph of Denny inscribed in zinc master. Acoustic recording. Also obtainable in digital... Contributor: Denny, will certainly F. Date: 1899

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fulfill me in Berlin Notated Music. Publish | 1 score (* pages) ; 32 cm | because that voice and piano. Manuscript in ink. Also available in digital form on the Library that Congress internet site. (Additional... Contributor: Udall, Lyn Date: 1911
Merry small birds room we paper music | 1 score (5 p.) ; 35 cm. | written and composed through Stephen C. Foster. (Statement of Responsibility). For solo voice v 4 component choral refrain and also piano acc.... Contributor: H. Waters - O. Ditson - Foster, Stephen Collins Date: 1862
Nell and I ballad sheet music | 1 score (5 p.) ; 36 cm. | written and composed by Stephen C. Foster. (Statement that Responsibility). Because that solo voice through piano acc. Succeeding verse published as text... Contributor: J.J. Daly - Foster, Stephen Collins Date: 1861
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