How long has actually this feud been going for now, honestly? Jon Jones and also Daniel Cormier seem come be stuck in an eternal struggle, akin to that of the biblical Cain and Abel. Their an initial fight was back in 2015 in ~ UFC 182 after a long and also protracted build-up. The two finally got come lay your hands on each other in a five-round war. Ending eventually in a decision victory for the Champion Jon Jones.Roll forward some months and the Champion gets into all kinds of trouble which nearly lands him in prison. Which results in him being stripped of his UFC title. ~ overcoming his hurdles. Jones when got back on track and entered ago into competition with a success over Ovince St Preux. That was as soon as again prepared to an obstacle Cormier, who in the meantime had come to be the light heavyweight Champion.

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Jones vs Cormier ring One

In an explosive opened round, the champion and also challenger came out all firearms blazing. Jones landing his trademark elliptical absent to the knee the Cormier. Climate at one suggest got Jones regulated to obtain DC come the ground, the very first time in his MMA career that he had been take away down. Jon continued using knees to soften increase the body of Cormier. While the challenger test to stay in close and also smother at the very least some that the champion weapons.Round two and Cormier goes on the attack but is continually stifled by Jon’s kicks. At one allude he does regulate to floor a nice right hand however then ends up clinching versus the cage. Earlier in the centre of the octagon and also the pair when again clinch up, as Jones use sharp elbow on the inside. This ring turned right into a genuine dogfight in between the 2 opponents.Round three and also it’s an ext of the exact same as the champion do the efforts to keep Cormier at distance with his kicks. Particularly the kicks to the knee, which could easily execute some irreversible damage. Jon manages to poke Daniel in the eye bring about a temporary prevent to the fight. And when the resume soil a tough right absent to the body. DC make the efforts a series of takedowns however is unsuccessful, together Jones take away the round.Into round four and also the champion soil some an excellent head kicks, but are protected well through Cormier. Then a pair of minute in and Jon manages to take it Cormier under for a 2nd time. V Cormier increasing to his feet, clinching versus the cage Jones gets Dc under yet again, this is stunner stuff. The fight continues in against the cage, wherein Jones keeps wrist control over Cormier. DC tries to comprise some points, yet its one more round because that the champion.

Jones vs Cormier final Round

Round 5 opens up with a glove touch, climate straight earlier to the action. As the champion tries come kand a head kick. Daniel goes because that a takedown, yet is stuffed, it’s a hectic pace and we are twenty minutes right into this fight. Versus the cage, Jones is controlling the appropriate arm the Cormier and not letting him rest free. Landing knee on the within its all press from the champion.Daniel manages to turning back the clinch, which leads to a takedown, yet the champion is quickly ago to his feet. Jones make the efforts a turn elbow i beg your pardon misses as as soon as again DC clinches up. Yet its also late together the buzzer sounds and Jon Jones once again stays the UFC irradiate heavyweight champion.But the curse the Jonny Bones to be to strike again. As he is suspended indigenous the sport for making use of banned substances.

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Jones now once again looks come return versus Cormier in ~ UFC 214 and claim the title he feeling is tho his. Having never been beaten as the Champion, will DC host onto his title against the male who never lost as the Champ? We uncover out once these two-steps in the octagon for a second time top top July 29th.T: