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Jack in the Box"s twin Jack attributes a brand-new bakery bun sandwiching 2 beef patties, 2 slices the American cheese, hand-leafed lettuce, freshly-sliced tomato, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions.

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It sells because that $5.29 at my neighborhood Jack in the Box but I gained this courtesy the Jack in the Box.Essentially, the twin Jack is the Jumbo Jack with dual patties, the addition of mustard, and an ext cheese. It offer to highlight recent ingredient changes including Jack"s brand-new bun and freshly-prepped tomatoes and also lettuce. It also reminds more than a little of the All-American Jack castle offered earlier in 2011.

The dual beef patties do for a really meaty burger and there was a few smoky, crispy moments from charring. They walk away v the grill seasoning so they available up simply plain, moist beef flavor. Through the absence of seasoning to the beef, they seemed to have actually gone a bit heavier through the sauces through extra tanginess in between the ketchup and also mustard (the pickles were fairly mild though). The adjust from mei onion sauce to plain mayo didn"t really affect the burger because that me.The lettuce and tomato to be fresh however I could have offered a bit an ext lettuce and onion to counter the beef (but ns guess that"s what the Jumbo Jack is for). I don"t recall having plenty of problems with the fresh of the lettuce or tomato at Jack in package in the past yet perhaps the fresher prepare is intended to provide more consistency.
No an ext grill seasoning...

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The two slices that cheese were nicely melted. They offered the standard generic creaminess.The brand-new bun isn"t together nice together the brioche-like signature bun ~ above the Buttery Jack. Compared to your typical burger bun, the hasmore of a chewy sheen come it and also a contempt moister crumb. It"s additionally a little an ext dense.

Overall, Jack in the Box"s twin Jack is solid and, between the double beef patties, rather filling. The ingredient transforms aren"t earth-shaking however they execute make a slight improvement. I actually preferred the grill seasoning though and they seem come be countering the change by adding much more sauce.On a next note, the pricing is a tiny bit odd as you can get the virtually identical Jumbo Jack through cheese for $2.69 (which likewise comes through two slices the cheese) at my neighborhood Jack in the Box. You would certainly think the the extra patty would usually cost around $1 much more but the dual Jack goes because that $5.29, which makes the extra patty a somewhat expensive add-on.Nutritional information - Jack in the Box twin Jack (319g)
Calories - 830 (from Fat - 520)Fat - 58g (Saturated Fat - 22g)Sodium - 1130mgCarbs - 34g (Sugar - 7g)Protein - 46g