Kelly: You wanna be president? Lemme tell girlfriend the very first rule that politics; Always recognize if the juice is worth the squeeze. You know what the means? It means you don"t steal my girl unless you"re all set to accept the consequences.

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The words over were stated by Kelly, played by Timothy Olyphant, in the movie “The Girl following Door” ( 2004)

I provided this phrase newly when i was asked because that advice by one intern about an problem related come discrimination in the workplace. It did not occur to me the this phrase is not as common as ns assumed. The human whom i was providing the advice very politely inquiry “ what does this mean and why room we talking around juice?”

So. What go this idiom in reality mean and also how perform you use it to your life?

It simply method “Is the reward worth the effort?” In the discrimination situation above, the results for one intern standing as much as a an effective organization who has actually a history of discriminatory methods was no worth the effort. However, there were other ways to vent and also make his views and opinions known. Because that example, making use of the anonymous reminder line or being vocal in the leave interview. The juice might not be as sweet, yet it will quench your thirst.

When it pertains to making decision - little or large- one needs to weigh the effort against the result. Here room three examples of mental effort relative to reward.

Relationships: this is one area wherein you have to assess if the initiative you ar in a partnership is advantageous to your psyche and also well being. Civilization who unpleasant you, bring you under publicly or don’t respect you and your values may not be precious the juice. No matter how sweet. Top top the other hand, you may not have actually a an option when it involves family members. You are compelled to associate v them even if it is you like it or not. Squeezing every oz of juice indigenous this relationship maybe too sour to pallet, yet it has a vital long ax benefit.

Passion: I often tend to invest many of emotional energy into sustaining my favourite sporting activities teams. I am happy as soon as they win.I am ruined when castle loose. The last should never ever before be an feeling I must be emotion for a sporting activities team. After all it’s just sport, right. The emotional and mental juice forced to assistance my sporting activities teams are certainly not worth the squeeze. There space far more important emotions to invest your energiesthan to support millionaire hitting or chasing a ball.

Everyday life events: The day started off ~ above a cake note. My vehicle would not begin on a cold winter job in February. After calling for aid and finally getting on the roadway two hrs later, ns was cut off through a driver who assumed I to be driving as well slowly. Perhaps, ns was. ~ all ns was planning an excuse in mine mind for being late to my meeting. Blaming the car was also lame of one excuse. Anyway, as the other auto cut me off, ns was filled with rage and anger together if someone had violated the many important component of mine being. Why have to I it is in angered through a full stranger whom ns will probably never check out again. The initiative to display him the finger and demonstrate mine anger was definitely not the mature thing to do. The reward because that my behaviour was zero. What was ns to gain? There was no juice coming from this orange, no matter exactly how much ns squeezed.

Mathew, played by Emile Hirsch in “The Girl next Door” stated it ideal in this dialogue with Kelly.

Matthew: Being a fucking boy scout. Yet lately I"ve to be seeing it differently. Now I think ethical fiber"s around finding that one thing you really treatment about. The one special thing that way more to you 보다 anything else in the world. And when you find her, you fight because that her. You risk it all, you put her in front of everything, her life, all of it. And also maybe the stuff you execute to assist her isn"t so clean. You recognize what? it doesn"t matter. Due to the fact that in her heart you know, the the juice is worth the squeeze. That"s what moral fiber"s every about.

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When you uncover those special things worth caring and fighting about, climate the juice might be worth the squeeze.

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terrific examples. Thanks. When I tend to dislike clichés prefer the juice isn"t precious the squeeze, at least this one conveys useful definition quickly. In ~ the opposite finish of the spectrum is "low hanging fruit" which implies the price is better than the effort. Your instances prompted me come think through just how do us measure price on the front finish to match level of effort in the process. And also your framing likewise prompted me come ask, "When walk an idiom become a cliché?" many thanks for giving me some new thoughts to ponder.