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General financial institution Information

Iowa - Nebraska State bank is one FDIC insured institution located in south Sioux City, NE. It was started in 1920 and also has roughly $0.21 billion in assets.Customers can open an account at one of its 8 branches.

FDIC Insured Yes
FDIC Certificate # 8354
Date created 1920
Assets $ 213.02 million
Loans $ 129.86 million
Deposits $ 189.91 million
Capital $ 21.50 million

For a more detailed evaluation of Iowa - Nebraska State Bank"s gaue won condition and also a summary of what this numbers mean, you re welcome visit the FinancialDetails section.

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NMLS ID: 3030
3.610% 3.500%0.88 points$3,438 fees$1,123 Learn an ext
NMLS ID: 330511
2.952% 2.875%1.00 points$2,498 fees$1,038 Learn more
NMLS ID: 424182
2.803% 2.750%0.75 points$1,735 fees$1,021 Learn an ext
NMLS ID: 1429243
2.733% 2.690%0.63 points$1,418 fees$1,013 Learn an ext

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third Federal Savings and also Loan check out Table
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Financial Details

Iowa - Nebraska State bank Ratio Analysis

The following ratios and also data are accessible to help you much better understand the financial condition of Iowa - Nebraska State Bank. The data is provided by the FDIC. All banks provided on jamesmerse.com room FDIC-insured. No depositor has ever before lost shop that have actually been in ~ the FDIC insurance money limits.

Texas RatioIowa - Nebraska State BankU.S. Financial institution Average

The Texas ratio compares the bank’s non performing legacy (non-performing loans and real heritage owned)with that is tangible common equity and its loan loss reserves.A reduced Texas proportion indicates better coverage of problem loans.The closer the Texas proportion is to 1-to-1 or 100%, the less capital and also reserves a bankhas to absorb that is loan losses.

As of June 30, 2021,Iowa - Nebraska State bank had $800,000 in non-current loans and $0 in owned real estate.To cover these potential losses it had actually $21,495,000 in equity and also $1,375,000 in loan loss reserves.That offers it a Texas ratio of 3.5%.

Return top top EquityIowa - Nebraska State BankU.S. Financial institution Average

Iowa - Nebraska State financial institution has a Return on same of 13.7% versus the jamesmerse.com median of 11.29%.Return on equity procedures how effectively a financial institution is do money indigenous its capital. A financial institution with a repetitively high ROE can be considered well run.A bank with a continuously low ROE deserve to be thought about poorly run.

CapitalizationIowa - Nebraska State BankU.S. Bank Average

Iowa - Nebraska State financial institution has a Capitalization that 10.09% versus the jamesmerse.com median of 11.72.Capitalization measures exactly how much equity resources a financial institution has to underpin loans and other heritage on the balance sheet.The higher the capitalization number the much more secure a financial institution is considered.

As the September 30, 2018,Iowa - Nebraska State financial institution had assets of $214,489,000, loans of $129,862,000, and deposits of $189,914,000.Long-term increases in deposits mirrors a bank"s capacity to raise funds to flourish its loans and assets.Loan and asset development may climb or fall depending upon a bank"s strategy because that growth.Sharp rises and falls in assets, deposits, and also loans have the right to be problematic, describe a loosening of lending standards, or financial distress top to decreased lending.A large change in these figured can also be indigenous a bank acquisition or merger.

Cash & Balances due from depository institutions $ 27.59 million
Interest-bearing balances $ 18.94 million
complete securities $ 42.96 million
federal funds sold and reverse repurchase N.A.
net loans and also leases $ 129.86 million
Loan ns allowance $ 1.38 million
commerce account assets N.A.
bank premises and fixed assets N.A.
various other real estate owned N.A.
Goodwill and other intangibles $ 0.55 million
All other assets $ 8.10 million
full Assets $ 192.99 million

total deposits $ 189.91 million
Interest-bearing deposits $ 122.21 million
Deposits hosted in residential offices $ 189.91 million
% insured (estimated) 75.28%
commonwealth funds purchased and also repurchase agreements N.A.
trading liabilities N.A.
Other borrowed funds $ 0.78 million
Subordinated debt N.A.
All other liabilities $ 2.30 million
full Liabilities $ 192.99 million
Shareholders’ Equity $ 20.02 million

summary Income statement June 30, 2021
complete Interest Income $ 5.35 million
complete Interest Expense $ 0.50 million
Net interest income $ 4.85 million
Provision for loan and lease losses N.A.
total non attention income $ 2.66 million
Total non interest expense $ 5.68 million
Pre-tax Net operating Income $ 2.13 million

Bank Loan profile % loans - Divides the lot of loan a financial institution has top top its balance sheet for each classification divided by the total loans for the bank. Note: Percentages may not sum to 100% due to rounding and twin categorization of some loan types. % compare to other banksCompares the % loan to the mean percent because that the bank’s state. A High rating means the financial institution has a significantly higher % Loans than other financial institutions in the state and also may specialize in that loan category.Banks frequently sell certain species of loans, residential mortgage, auto loans, credit card loans, so these numbers space not an exact measure the a bank’s lending, however serve together one indicator that a bank’s past loan history." data-tooltip aria-haspopup="true" class="has-tip">?

The height three loan species in Iowa - Nebraska State Bank’s loan portfolio space 1-4 family Residential Loans, Commercial genuine Estate, and also Farm Loans.

Compared come other financial institutions in Nebraska, Iowa - Nebraska State bank has a significantly higher percent that 1-4 family members Residential Loans, Multifamily Mortgages top top its balance sheet, potentially indicating a specialty in that lending area.

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Note: Percentages might not amount to 100% as result of rounding and also doublecategorization of part loan types. All data indigenous the FDIC. additional information about this table.

% Loans%Comparison to OtherBanksLowMedHigh
1-4 household Residential Loans26.85
Credit card Loans0.00
Consumer Auto Loans3.09
Small company Loans0.00
Construction and advancement Loans1.90
Commercial real Estate23.04
Commercial and also Industrial Loans7.89
Farm Loans9.35

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