When your Wi-Fi stop working, it deserve to be among the many frustrating moment in life. Worse still, after finding so countless solutions online, you may gain rather puzzled about which one to take it first. There’re fairly a couple of ways come look into the Wi-Fi issue, yet in many situations it comes down to driver stability and compatibility.

How to resolve Intel dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver issues

Here’re 3 fixes that have actually proved beneficial to countless users. You might not require to shot them all; just work your method down the list till you find the one that functions for you.

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Fix 1: Disable & enable the driver

Fix 2: Roll back the driver

Fix 3: update the driver

Fix 1: Disable & enable the Intel double Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver

If your computer suddenly loser its network connection, or her wireless adapter fails to recognize any obtainable wireless network, friend can shot this quick-fix in the very first place.

1) press the Windows logo design key and also R in ~ the exact same time to invoke the run box. Then type devmgmt.msc right into the box and click OK.

2) In the Device Manager window, double-click ~ above the Network adapters node to increase its drop-down list. Then right-click Intel twin Band Wireless-AC 3165 and also select Disable device.


3) Click Yes come confirm.

4) Wait a few seconds and also go ago to machine Manager. Right-click Intel dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 again and also select permit device.


Now your Intel wireless network adapter need to be obtainable for usage again. Open up your web internet browser to view whether the web is associated properly. If the isn’t, please check out on and try the following fix.

Fix 2: Roll back the Intel double Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver

If you shed your network connection right after installation a new driver because that the Intel wireless adapter or running a home windows Update, you should revert your driver come a previous version.

1) push the Windows logo design key and R in ~ the exact same time to invoke the operation dialog box. Form devmgmt.msc and click OK.

2) In the Device Manager window, double-click Network adapters to broaden its drop-down list. Right-click Intel double Band Wireless-AC 3165 and also select Properties.


3) walk to the Driver tab and click Roll ago Driver.

If the Roll back Driver option appears dimmed, that method there’s no driver come roll back to. In this situation you need to head end to Fix 3.

4) pick a factor you like, climate click Yes.


5) Reboot your computer system for the alters to be totally implemented.

Open your web web browser to check whether the network connection has gone back to normal. If not, you have to proceed to settle 3.

Fix 3: update the Intel double Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver

If you still can’t get onto the Internet, then opportunities are her Intel wireless adapter driver is corrupted, out-dated, or no compatible with your current operating system. To settle the problem, you should shot updating the Intel twin Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver.

You deserve to do this in Windows maker Manager, however it might fail to provide you v the recent (and even necessary) driver. And if you want Windows to download and install drivers automatically, you still need to have actually network connectivity, otherwise it won’t work. Girlfriend can also search for the many recent exactly driver for your wireless adapter online, download it and also install it action by action – however it’s rather time-consuming and error-prone. So if you don’t have the time, patience or computer an abilities to update the driver manually, you deserve to do that with Driver Easy.

Driver basic will immediately recognize her system and find the correct chauffeurs for it. Friend don’t must know exactly what system your computer system is running, friend don’t have to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and also you don’t should worry about making a mistake once installing.Driver straightforward takes care of everything.

You deserve to update vehicle drivers both online and also offline. According to her actual situation, run ahead come the section you’re interested in:

Network link is not stable but still functions at times

When your computer is connected to network, you have the right to use Driver simple to update an equipment drivers in the regular way. Here’s how:

1)Downloadand download Driver Easy.

2) run Driver Easy and click theScan Nowbutton. Driver straightforward will climate scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.


3) Click theUpdatebutton next to the Intel twin Band Wireless-AC 3165 driver to automatically download its exactly version, climate you deserve to manually download it (you have the right to do this through the cost-free version).

Or clickUpdate Allto automatically download and also install the correct version ofallthe drivers that are absent or the end of day on your system. (This calls for thePro versionwhich come with complete support and a 30-day money ago guarantee. You’ll be triggered to upgrade as soon as you click update All.)


If you have any kind of problems making use of Driver basic to upgrade your driver, please feel totally free to email united state atsupport
Network connection doesn’t job-related at all

Driver Easy enables you to update motorists with a couple of mouse clicks when it has actually a network connection. However what if you just can’t obtain onto the Internet? Don’t worry, the Offline Scan feature the Driver straightforward is easily accessible for you. Still, you’ll require another computer with net access to carry out the totality update process.

1) Download Driver easy in a computer system with internet access. Then conserve the regime in a USB flash journey (or other storage devices, e.g. Your Android device) and also transfer it come the pc without web connection.

2) install Driver basic on your computer that has no internet connection.

3) run Driver Easy and click Tools in the left pane.


4) Click Offline Scan. ~ above the right panel, select Offline Scan (on the computer system without web access) and click the Continue button.


5) ClickBrowseto pick where you want to conserve your offline scan result. Then clickthe Offline Scan button.


6) ClickOK.


7) open up the folder wherein you’ve conserved the offline scan file. Then save the paper in a USB flash drive and transfer that to one more computer with internet access.


8) Download and install Driver simple on that computer (the one with web access).

9) operation Driver Easy and click Tools in the left pane.


10) In the left pane, click Offline Scan. Then on the ideal panel, select Upload Offline Scan document (on the computer with internet access) and also click the Continue button.


11) Click Browse to situate your offline scan file. As soon as you discover it, double-click ~ above it and then click Continue.


12) Click the Download switch next to Intel dual Band Wireless-AC 3165.


13) select where you’d like to conserve the download driver, and click OK.


Wait for the download process to it is in complete.


14) conserve your downloaded driver document in a USB speed drive and transfer it to your computer that has actually no internet access. Then you have to install the Intel wireless adapter driver ~ above that computer system manually.

To view an ext details the the download process, please refer to https://www.jamesmerse.com/help55/offline-scan/.

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15) after ~ the driver has actually been successfully installed, you must restart your computer for the alters to take effect.

Hopefully this post helped you settle the network issues. If friend have any type of follow-up inquiries or ideas, please feel free to leaving a comment below. Many thanks for reading!