Title: not natural ChemistryAuthor: Gary L. Miessler / Donald A. Tarr / Paul J. FischerEdition: fifth EditionISBN-10: 0321811054ISBN-13: 978-0321811059Category: not natural ChemistryFile Type: eBookLanguage: English

With that is updates to quickly changing content areas, a strengthened intuitive presentation and the addition of brand-new co-author Paul Fischer, the brand-new edition the this highly readable text is much more educational and an important than ever.

Inorganic Chemistry, 5/e it is intended the essentials of inorganic Chemistry at simply the best level for today’s classroom — neither too high (for novice readers) nor as well low (for advanced readers). Strong coverage of atomic theory and focus on physical chemistry provide a firm knowledge of the theoretical communication of not natural chemistry, if a reorganized presentation of molecular orbital and group concept highlights an essential principles an ext clearly.

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1. Development to inorganic Chemistry.2. Atom Structure.3. An easy Bonding Theory.4. Symmetry and also Group Theory.5. Molecular Orbitals.6. Acid-Base and Donor-Acceptor Chemistry.7. The Crystalline heavy State.8. Chemistry of the Main group Elements.9. Coordination Chemistry I: Structures and also Isomers.10. Coordination Chemistry II: Bonding.11. Coordination Chemistry III: digital Spectra.12. Coordination Chemistry IV: Reactions and Mechanisms.13. Organometallic Chemistry.14. Organometallic Reactions and Catalysis.15. Parallels between Main Group and also Organometallic Chemistry.Appendixes.

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