Dave Navarro"s respect for the arts and culture of tattooing makes him perfect because that host and also judge of squid Master. V his six-string skills best described as a merger between heavy metal, psychedelia, and contemporary rock, Navarro is one of alternate rock"s first true etc heroes. Finest known together the guitarist for Jane"s Addiction, the band freshly released their highly anticipated brand-new album The great Escape Artist.VIDEO: Dave Navarro tells The story Behind His Tattoos

Chris Nunez sit on the Ink grasp judge"s panel together with Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck. Nunez, 38, is the Cuban descent and also grew increase in Miami, FL. He gone into into the kingdom of tattooing after start his career together a graffiti artist. In ~ 21, Nunez packed his bags because that a brief trip come Brazil and also ended up staying for five years. He climate traveled v Europe for three years, which enabled him to work with his favourite tattoo artists. The experience broadened both his creative sense and also his understanding of tattooing. He was a star and also fan favourite on the well-known tattoo-reality series, "Miami Ink." Nunez is a partner in Ridgeline Empire, a strategy multiplatform content and also media corporation, i beg your pardon operates the subsidiaries octopus Skins and Upset Gentlemen and also an animation studio with two animated series in development, "Hoodbrats" and "Toothians." that is also getting ready to open a brand-new tattoo venture to be based in his hometown of Miami.

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Oliver Peck, referee of squid Master, is an artist whose entirety life revolves around tattooing. He started tattooing when he was just 19 year old in his hometown the Dallas, TX and has perfected his precise and traditional tattooing layout making him among the best and well-known "old school" American style artists. In 2008, Peck inked his method into the Guinness publication of human being Records once he completed 415 tattoos of the number 13 in a continually 24-hour period. He is one of the most traveled tattoo artist on the circuit, tattooing all over Europe including England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway and also in the far East, including Japan and Thailand. Peck is co-owner of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas, TX and also the owner of True Tattoo located in Hollywood, CA.

Anwon "Boneface" Johnson, that has been in the tattoo business due to the fact that he to be 15 years old, is prepared to clear the air from his front appearance on ink Master. While he didn"t go away finest friends with everyone from his last season, he is beginning the competition this time through Season 8 alum Hobo Ink. ~ making it to the peak seven throughout his season, the self-taught artist claims he is planning come plot his means to the optimal this time.

Carolyn ElaineChicago, ILArtist, MayDay! Tattoo6 Years" ExperienceCarolyn Elaine doesn"t desire her petite dimension to fool you, get in her means and she claims she will put you in your place. She favorite format is shade realism since she likes to make her job-related look choose its moving. Carolyn"s feeling motherhood has actually pushed her to it is in a strong independent mrs so she can present her youngsters how come "not be a dumb punk trying to weasel their means through life." She is i was sure she has what it takes to it is in the very first female squid Master

Dave RobinowitzBoynton Beach, FLArtist, A hit of Genius11 Years" ExperienceWhile David Robinowitz sometimes explains himself together wild and also brash, beneath that life-of-the-party demeanor is a self-described serious artist who is fairly competitive. Robinowitz feel the combination of his BFA in well Arts plus his year of endure as a walk in tattoo artist gives him the capacity to adapt to any kind of situation and will aid him overcome the competition. He wants to prove come the Jewish community and the community at large that tattooing is a legit art.
Eric GonzalezLynwood, CACo-Owner/Artist, Deer"s Eye Studio18 Years" ExperienceEric Gonzalez describes himself as a decisive businessman. At age 37, that is the co-owner of his very own shop, Deer"s Eye Studio and also has also gotten recognition for his work from Lady Gaga. Gonzalez admits he has tiny patience because that people"s drama and also won"t let self be distracted by head games throughout the competition. He is i was sure in his talent and skills and knows that he has actually what it takes to be Ink Master.
Geary MorrillRichmond, VAArtist, Unkindness Art17 Years" ExperienceGeary Morrill describes his life as a actual life cartoon. Geary trust his explosive popular music art with clean lines and bright colors lug something distinct to the competition and also feels the is necessary to press positivity in designs right into the industry. After gift diagnosed with Lyme disease, Geary feel there"s no an ext tip toe-ing around what he desires in life.
Gia RosePhiladelphia, PAOwner/Artist, consciousness Tattoo Society13 Years" ExperienceAs a girl that left residence at 16, lived on freight trains, and also survived cancer, Gia climbed says she isn"t intimidated by anything. Gia prides herself on she neo-traditional work, i beg your pardon has focus on wildlife and also women. Gia says she is bringing her eye because that detail, color combinations, and composition to the competition. She"s feels favor this is truly she year to end up being an Ink grasp winner.
Gian Karle CruzPuerto Rico Boston, MATraveling Tattoo Artist7 Years" ExperienceWhile Gian Karle Cruz is often connected with cool island vibes, he claims he is supervisor competitive and likes come win. Also though he has only been in the market for a few years and knows he has actually a lot come learn, that believes the he"s just as great as various other artists that have remained in the sector for longer than him. Once it pertains to styles the tattoos, Gian states he deserve to do a small bit that everything. This "Island Guy" is all set to compete and also become the first Puerto Rican octopus Master
John CollinsAtlanta, GAArtist, lid Szumskis Timeless Tattoo14 Years" ExperienceJohn Collins defines himself together a simple tattooer who doesn"t awkward away once it pertains to saying what he thinks, and is not afraid to offend. That prides himself together an experienced in classic American and Japanese but likewise thinks he has actually mastered the craft of taking traditional tattoo rules and applying them into not-so-traditional designs.
Kelly DotySalem, MAOwner/Artist, Helheim Gallery8 Years" ExperienceKelly Doty explains her spooky, illustrative, cartoonish layout work together "grim but cute" and herself together endearingly awkward however confident. She believes that her OCD i do not care a strength as soon as tattooing, do her very organized and also detailed. Litter her in the mix and also she"s hoping to come in to the competition strong and become the first female ink Master.
Kevin LaroyDallas, TXArtist, tardy Fine human body Art10 Years" ExperienceWith his "keep it genuine attitude," Kevin Laroy attended arts school however got a degree in fashion design. Kevin mostly tattoos portraits yet is additionally skilled in bright colors and also bold lines to do his photorealism stand out. This artist has huge dreams to open a shop and build a clothing, accessories and lifestyle empire, but very first he"s all set to dominate the competition.
Matt MurrayBeverly, MACo-Owner, The black color Veil4 Years" ExperienceMatt Murray does just around everything with his the same twin brother Ryan - lock co-own a tattoo shop, re-superstructure an apartment, car and have identical twin cats. Yet Matt is approaching the Ink grasp competition solo. Matt concentrates on developing black and grey portraits and also prides himself in bringing an exact lines to each tattoo. If Matt only has actually 3 years of experience, he believes he"s ready for any an obstacle the competition will carry his way.
Mike McAskillRiverside, CAArtist, Elizabeth St. Tattoo8 Years" ExperienceMike takes pride in every tattoo the designs. After getting a tattoo kit at 17, Mike functioned hard top top his skills, an initial completing a suitable apprenticeship, until he began tattooing at a famous shop in Riverside, CA. The believes his lines and shading are strong and is confident the he always gives 100%. He"s feeling ready to get ago to work and compete on ink Master and also win $100K for his family.
Nate Beavers Houston, TX Owner, figurehead Tattoo 23 Years" endure After 21 years of tattooing, Nate feels he has more talent 보다 anyone else the end there and recently released DVD tutorials to teach younger artists suitable techniques. End the years, Nate has actually not only continued to prosper as one artist, but additionally as a human - he shed 100 lbs and also defeated arachnophobia. Nate is all set to present his talent come the remainder of the civilization on this season of ink Master.
Nikki SimpsonLos Angeles, CAArtist, Generation 85 Years" ExperienceNikki might only it is in 24, however she feels she is currently making a name for herself in the tattoo industry. Nikki is recognized for illustrative realism and also prides herself on the texture, depth and dimension of she work. Nikki is all set to display what true female tattooers space all about solid and tough competitors who are qualified of doing the finest no matter what.
Ryan Ashley MalarkeyKingston, PAOwner/ Artist, The Strange unexplained Oddities Parlor4 Years" ExperienceRyan Ashley has explained herself together a modern-day woman who success is as result of hard work and sheer determination. She may not have actually the decades of experience as some of her competitors, however feels she"s proved herself together a well-rounded competitor. Ryan says she is the end to prove that you deserve to be both sultry and talented and also is hope to come to be the very first female ink Master.
Sirvone SmithFredericksburg, VAArtist, Sorry mommy Tattoo6 Years" ExperienceSirvone Smith claims he assaults all locations of his life through passion and also fire. Having tattooed because that 6 years, Sirvone"s understanding base come from traditional tattooing, yet loves to do realistic pieces. That is a chameleon to any environment the is in, and also is prepared to tackle anything that the compete throws at him! the plans to bring the heat to ink Master and is i was sure he will certainly never lose focus throughout the competition.
Sketchy LawyerSenoia, GAOwner/Artist, Cornerstone Tattoo Gallery9 Years" ExperienceSketchy Lawyer defines himself as the form of man who always tells it specifically how that is. Lawyer security his days giving his client his "neo-school" style tattoos, i beg your pardon is his very own spin top top "neo-traditional" and also "new school." His strategy top top Ink grasp is to show America what a genuine tattoo artist watch like and also he plans to treat everyone with the respect they offer him.
"Tuff Tito" VelezBelleair, FLOwner/Artist, Euphoria Ink22 Years" ExperienceTito Velez prides himself on his leadership qualities and perfectionism. With two shops the his very own (one in brand-new Jersey and one in Florida), Tito claims he enjoys leading and also teaching techniques to his employees. Although there were struggles along the way, Tito believes the hardships made that sharp and strong, and also now he"s an ext than ready to display his style and an abilities to the world.

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Legendary artist Oliver Peck and Chris Nunez come the end from behind the judges’ table and jump into the competition, mentoring two teams of tattoo artists.