after ~ nine seasons of to run gags, emotional scenes, flashbacks and flash-forwards, the series finale the "How ns Met her Mother" airs on march 31. So we couldn"t possibly name only 20 most memorable moment from the show, could we? an obstacle accepted!

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The 2nd season that the present had a significant twist when it turned the end that Robin"s are afraid of malls was actually as result of her previous as a Canadian pop star (whose hit track was "Let"s walk to the Mall," naturally). Robin Sparkles" resulting music video clip remains among the funnier sitcom moments in recent years, and also Robin"s "Sparkles" persona has returned numerous times end the seasons.

The same episode that presented Robin Sparkles additionally gave united state the "slap bet," the best running gag on the show, in i m sorry Barney shedding a gambling to Marshall supposed he had actually to take five slaps to the face, spread at unanticipated times. We witnessed the final slap on last Monday"s episode.

At long last, the Mother! Cristin Milioti"s unanticipated appearance in the duty of the mrs Ted has actually been destined to satisfy this totality time resulted in a last season of gaining to recognize the still-unnamed Mother.

Ted"s tattoo removal end 10 medical professional visits led to a flirtation with his doctor, Stella, who declared she didn"t have time to date. Ted came up with the "two-minute date," a scene done in one shot, that captured what has made this display so one-of-a-kind in a nutshell.

The Mother"s yellow umbrella has shown up many times over the years and we recently acquired a glimpse of it one an ext time simply moments prior to she to be going to meet Ted. We"ll watch you at that train station at the finish of the finale.

The 100th episode brought us a song and also dance number wherein Neil Patrick Harris" Barney acquired to song a rollicking ode to his one true love: Suits.
Ted"s first long-term girl friend on the show, Victoria, to be so memorable that many fans the end there kind of great she had turned out to it is in the Mother.
They certain loved your interventions. If there deserve to be one intervention around it, this team of girlfriend staged one.
Lily and also Marshall"s wedding -- finish with Marshall going crazy and also partially cut his head -- to be the most memorable nuptials that the collection so far.
Sure, we met her however we didn"t think we"d flash front to view Ted propose to the Mother. That was one more pleasant surprised from the final season.
one of the big mysteries from the an initial season (aside from the "pineapple incident") was lastly solved years later on when Katie Holmes confirmed up play the "Slutty Pumpkin." Unfortunately, she wasn"t the dream girl Ted was hoping for.
For several seasons, Barney lived under the impression the Bob Barker was his father, also going ~ above "The Price is Right" to finally meet him.

Ted and Barney"s dream bar, "Puzzles" was collection up in Ted"s apartment. It even had a design template song, which sounded a little like that various other bar-based sitcom.
Britney Spears popped increase in two episodes, as the naïve Abby, that was the unfortunately victim of one of Barney"s numerous schemes.
One day, Ted walked right into his apartment and also found a goat. The explanation of this was hosted for several episodes, till we learned the Lily rescued the goat from a farmer in she classroom.
We absolutely didn"t suppose Barney to sports the hippie look once we had actually a look earlier into his past. Eventually, he placed on a suit and also never looked back.
Robin buried "something old," a locket years ago for her ultimate wedding. As soon as it go missing, Ted was determined to discover it, and in the many recent episode, offered it come Barney to offer to his fiancée. (Though she quickly established the truth.)
Barney and Robin"s wedding was two seasons in the making (not to point out the longest weekend ever, which comprised this last season), and also for a if there us wondered if they"d really make it to the aisle. (As you can see, they finally did.)
"How i Met her Mother" finished Monday after nine seasons

The show tested sitcom conventions at every turn

The cast and also creators recall what they"ll miss about the show

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~ 208 episodes, plenty of “legendarys!” and any variety of pineapple incidents, slaps and also slutty pumpkins, “How ns Met your Mother” came to an finish Monday night.

throughout the final season, the present hinted at who the mother is. Still, the nine-year-long story the future Ted Mosby had been informing his kids ended through plenty that surprises.

now that we’ve said goodbye to Ted and his friends and the hit sitcom that often tested the conventions (like, say, telling stories in chronological order), let’s rotate to the cast and also the creators as they look back.

Kids, here’s how they’ll psychic “How ns Met her Mother.”

How lock knew the display would last

Carter Bays (co-creator): When we very first started making the show, we had actually this weird, naïve idea that it would run a lengthy time. It to be our very first show and also we didn’t really know about how often shows obtain canceled, yet there was always this unique feeling around the show, that it would really last a while.

Craig cutting board (co-creator): The cast were like, “This is too fun, this is doomed to fail, we can’t be permitted to perform this for nine years.” and we were simply stupidly optimistic. It can have failed a couple of times, yet thank God that didn’t.

Pamela Fryman (director): The pilot to be so special, getting to find who these characters were to become. Even if it is it’s a two-minute day or a song-and-dance number, everything has make me better. If you asked me before if I can do any of those things, I’d most likely say no.

Josh Radnor (Ted Mosby): i remember emotion that very first episode through Ashley Williams, ns remember Pam dubbed us into watch that. Ns remember thinking, “This is a really special show.” it does things in different way than other shows. It provides so plenty of different styles. We half-intentionally produced something new and us hope it will stick around.

How much affect guest stars had

Bays: Having Britney Spears below was nice memorable. Us were such a garage band show, we were law OK in the ratings however weren’t yes, really on anyone’s radar, then all of sudden this global superstar parachutes into the set and it to be a very bizarre week.

Alyson Hannigan (Lily Aldrin): Jennifer Lopez to be adorable. She called my little girl a coconut.

How lock made their favorite episodes

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson): Barney had actually a large musical number around suits top top the 20th Century Fox lot, prefer an old Gene Kelly musical, I also swung about a lamppost. I loved that episode, add to I acquired to sing and also dance.

Cobie Smulders (Robin Scherbatsky): ns loved ours “Two Minute Date” with Josh and Sarah Chalke. Ns love noþeles that involves music. Carter and Craig are so musical. They were in a tape together and I was really happy the they lugged their musical talent to our show.

Hannigan: There to be one scene whereby I to be pregnant with my first baby. Marshall was meeting me at the airport and also had this marching tape play because that me and greet me at the airport. It was really awesome.

Radnor: I love once you get to check out what’s in Ted’s heart. When he’s simply really existing with someone. I did some good stuff through Cobie this year. I’ve had actually a nice parade of co-stars, co-girlfriends because that Ted. Anyone brings out something various from me.

How castle feel about the show’s catchphrases

Hannigan: ns really like “you son of a bitch”… “youuuu kid of a beetch.”

Harris: I prefer the way Barney offers “legendary,” since it’s a an extremely loaded word. Nobody should ever use words “legendary,” due to the fact that if you’re talking in the existing tense, friend sound sort of pompous. Unless you’re Barney Stinson, due to the fact that he think every solitary thing that does is massive. “This interview right currently is legendary. This will be in the Smithsonian!”

How they spent nine years

Jason Segel (Marshall Eriksen): Watching mine co-stars have actually their kids was special. Ns didn’t literally watch the plot of giving birth, but it’s been one-of-a-kind watching them flourish up.

Smulders: A lot of these people have been below for the entirety nine years. We have a family members dynamic on our set and i will miss that.

Hannigan: I went through both of my pregnancies top top the show.

Harris: I’m gonna miss out on “It’s Wednesday, we’ve gotta go to work.” currently it’s Wednesday, i have gotta gain a job.

Thomas: We’ve worked so hard for nine years, us don’t have any kind of friends. These nine personalities are our friends. Give thanks to God we have each other.

How they said goodbye

Smulders: We had actually our last table read and also I cry puddles the tears. It’s together a great group the people, together a great show. I gain to play together a wonderful character. Ns so blessed and also I’m sad come say goodbye, however we’ve to be blessed to be on the air for nine year which doesn’t happen anymore.

Thomas: We’re 5 seconds indigenous crying at any given moment.

Segel: I don’t desire to go the end on a limb, however I will. This is potentially the ideal finale of any kind of show ever before … through the possible exception that the second “Newhart” series.