questions the you choose in any type of field the law.No... Signup fees, no limit on cash earnings. Join the largest community of paid professionals online, who have answered over 16 million... Check out more

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company is seek an in house attorney with a minimum counsel manage multiple assignments at the same time in rapid paced and also dynamic... Real estate transactional lawyer in California. Both legislation firm... And also in house suffer preferred. JD from...... Check out more

position deserve to be to fill in our Glendale, CA Trial... Description SummaryWould you prosper in an setting where you... Far-ranging civil litigation experience in property and casualty insurance... Mix of instances varying in complexity, severity, product currently in review more
In residence Attorney The candidate... Will take care of high volume business connected in legal compliance issues, transactions,... Collections and also occasional court appearances/litigation. Have to be a license is granted California Attorney.... Review more
Associate Counsel The candidate will draft... Substantial legal advice and counsel come internal business units... Processes. Collaborate with and also support various other members that the U.S. Legit team and also our worldwide colleagues. Participate in unique projects and also other... Duties together assigned.... Read more
effectively take care of all problem in accordance with Nationwide Trial... Attorney and also NTD management in all elements of core... And recovery litigation strategies in the jurisdictions in which... Those jurisdictions and communities in i m sorry he/she practices. Utilizes... Within the enterprise. Communicates in a highly efficient manner,... In... Check out more
Senior Counsel / Director, organization &... Legit affairs facets of in-house and third-party productions. Negotiate... The advertisement terms because that projects, file them, and also oversee production-legal and clearance problems for the projects as well as provide support for the team’s projects.... Check out more
Senior Counsel (Dealer relations & EV... Distribution) Responsibilities: administer expert counsel on every legal issues... Parts and service problems in a timely and cost-effective... Come foster responsible growth in alignment v the company’s... Irreversible commercial objectives. Companion with legal, finance... Review more
Testimonial the the WeekI’ve supplied for years and I think that is terrific. The search functions work an extremely well and also bring earlier extremely pertinent results. I think the is exactly what it need to be.Karen Crupi Highlands Beach, FL
Firms Law and also participate in profit-sharing. Should have Juris... Year or much more experience in Corporate law is required.... Have to have broad experience in aspects of merger and... Work is needed. Suffer in top quality Assurance and also Control... Is required. Experience managing... Check out more
policy coverage discussions. Participates in the breakthrough of strategic... Organization plans for a heat of organization at the major account level. Drives insurer service and relationship discussions and administer high-level plan wording feedback. Monitors insurer response and engages with insurers... Review more

managers) to assist them in preventing potential same housing... Advocacy groups, and opposing counsel. Breeze agreements because that reasonable... Is an asset. Affordable real estate experience is a plus. An active California Bar license is required. Bilingual an abilities in Spanish are essential.... Review more
Housing lawyer The candidate will assist clients v the evaluation of fair real estate issues. Draft letters to residents, fair housing advocacy groups, and opposing counsel. Draft agreements for reasonable... Accommodations and also modifications. Testimonial lease documents for fair real estate compliance. Draft... Review more
quality legal staff openings in law firms and in-house... Legal departments of business... Organizations. In addition, we aid solo... Advocacy groups, and also opposing counsel. Draft agreements for reasonable... Articles for market publications; affordable housing experience; Bilingual in the Spanish language.... Check out more
Litigation counsel Duties: provide assistance and support... Pre-litigation disputes, litigating cases in house from your inception to... Instructing and managing outside counsel with respect to the... Interests. Administer legal study counsel and support to non-legal...... Review more

projects delegated to associate counsel and also paralegals. Breeze pleadings,... Motions, briefs, discovery and also other documents. Attend court events and also other appointments to all ideal practices in record handling. Totally and...... Read more

Workers" Compensation an elderly counsel Responsibilities: Litigate instances to verdict... Of attempt skills. Specialize in one or an ext areas... And also Claim partners. Provide in depth, substantive analysis and quality... To all best practices in document handling. Fully and...... Check out more

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