INK-A1:My surname is Spencer Charnas and also I to be the command vocalist and also founding member the INK. I started the band ago in High School and in the last couple of years we’ve started to accomplish the goals we had set from the inception: acquire good booking, management, and also label, perform on the Warped Tour, and also develop a die difficult cult like following.

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MM-Q2:How did friend come up with your tape name, is there any significant an interpretation behind it?

INK-A2:Our name is a recommendation from the cut Vonnegut novel, Cat’s Cradle, in which the problem “Ice Nine” has actually the capability to freeze end the entire planet, thus killing human being as we understand it.

MM-Q3:Your most recent release is “The Predator i do not care The Prey” why go you pick to name the album the & exactly how did you go around choosing her album cover art?

INK-A3:The album has actually an overall theme of reversing a situation where someone or point is bending on destroying you. So in essence, it’s around predators becoming the prey. The album cover step is deliberately misleading. If girlfriend see just the cover the looks as if some sort of demon through monster favor hands….but as soon as you open minded the whole booklet that is revealed the those monster prefer hands were not in reality the demons but some various other creature (or force) that has actually taken her hostage. That’s exactly how it ties right into the entirety “predator becomes the prey” concept.

MM-Q4:A most your tune titles space pretty creative/humorous. Exactly how do girlfriend come up with your tune titles?

INK-A4:I’m the kind of person who really appreciates clever and also funny things so It’s important to me that feeling is reflect in that element of the band. I sit by myself and wrack my mind for the many outrageous title I can think of.

MM-Q5:How lengthy did it take it INK to write, produce, & record TPBTP?

INK-A5:We created the document in chunks of time over about a year.

MM-Q6:Off TPBTP (The Predator i do not care The Prey), what song(s) means the many to you and also what influenced the song?

INK-A6:The song that means the most to me personal would have to be “Jonathan.” It’s a song written from the perspective of a girlfriend of mine who has actually mitochondria and is nearly 100% blind. The track is mine tribute come him and also the incredible battles he faces everyday of his life.

MM-Q7:How lot of a success carry out you feeling TPBTP was once released?

INK-A7:It gained a lot of hype right out the the door and marked our an initial time entering the billboard top 200 charts. A huge percentage of our fans have been calling the our ideal work come date.

MM-Q8:When writing your music, What inspires her lyrics?

INK-A8:Lyrically the tape touches on everything from the poisoning epidemic that racism to a song written from the perspective of a friend of mine who has mitochondria and also is virtually 100% blind.

MM-Q9:INK has actually been going solid since 2006, any type of tips because that those trying to make it in the music industry?

INK-A9:I assumption: v I’d favor to to speak to any kind of person, any type of band trying to make it in the music industry, if girlfriend really desire it negative enough, it have the right to happen, it can just occasionally take a long time. Shot not to get discouraged. Everyone’s been in a position where human being have called them the they’ll never ever make it, they’re not good enough or blah blah blah. Over there will always be nay say’ers out there. The vital thing to carry out is not concentrate on that. If this is what you desire to perform in her life then you need to offer 110%. It is what us did. We’ve by no method reached the finish game for us, we’re relocating forward and also the skies is the limit together I watch it.

MM-Q10:Since you have become a band in 2006, What has actually been the biggest difficulty you have had actually as a band and how have you get over it?

INK-A10:In 2009 there was a collapse entailing things ~ above the brand front i beg your pardon definitely set us earlier a bit. In the finish everything worked out for the best: an altering management, transforming labels, that obtained us come the human being we job-related with now who us couldn’t be happier with. Through all the struggle, we eventually saw the silver- lining that the huge cloud so come speak. “Without struggle there is no progress” – Frederick Douglas.

MM-Q11:Other climate Warped tourism 2014, What room INK’s plans for 2014?

INK-A11:We have a an extremely awesome fall tour that we’ll be announcing really soon and a brand-new acoustic track we’ll it is in releasing around the same time

MM-Q12:As you have actually been announced to play on Warped tour 2014, what room you many excited because that & what band room you most excited come see carry out on Warped?

INK-A12:This year is our very first time performing top top the whole of the tour as well as our very first time on one of the larger stages. We’re very excited to be play for our fans as well as reaching therefore many brand-new potential listeners.

MM-Q13:Any clues to what songs we deserve to expect to check out you perform live in ~ Warped Tour?

INK-A13:It’s all a surprise yet I deserve to tell girlfriend it will certainly be a pretty mix the old and new songs.

MM-Q14: any type of cities you’re super i stopped to go ago to or visit because that the an initial time?

INK-Q14:I’m excited for every the shows honestly yet a few in particular would be: Boston MA, Buffalo NY, Houston TX, and Mountain check out CA.

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MM-Q15:What motivated the lyrics to the track “Lets ask The Hatchet… In her Head.”

INK-A15:Due come a no disclosure agreement concerning some previous business relationships, ns can’t get into the specifics of the song. All I can say is be an extremely careful with who friend do organization with and always make sure a quality lawyer reads over her contracts.

MM-Q16:Is over there anything you wish to say to your existing or future fans?

TWA-A16:If you assistance our band ns love you v all my heart. If friend don’t, to buy me a drink to comprise for it…