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Wow, those lyrics of the track “Make damn Sure” by Taking back Sunday sure have actually new an interpretation for me. I was lucky (?) enough to companion Senior central Village, my BIEMO (Brother in Emo), come the emo-rific TBS show tonight in ~ Irving Plaza. (Strong Island REPREZENT!) I learned that now was the day that their latest album, Louder Now, dropped into stores (I found out just a few hours earlier while watching The day-to-day 10 on E!) so you deserve to imagine exactly how nutzo the present was.

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We gained there simply in time to sign up with in on the “TBS! TBS! TBS!” chanting that practically every single person in the venue appeared to it is in shouting in unison moments prior to the band come on. Once they did arrive on stage, lead singer Adam Lazzara only had actually to grunt and the audience WIGGED out screaming your heads off. I have NEVER watched Irving Plaza so crowded, sweaty, and violent in my life.

As quickly as the tape launched into their first song, the crowd began swaying to and also fro, side to side. A ripple of civilization pushing waved v the crowd with such fluid and also forceful movement I swore I was starting to obtain seasick. Kids were hurling their bodies up right into the air (sometimes through the help of a girlfriend hoisting them up) and also crowd surfing. I’m no talking one or 2 kids, I’m talk at least 3-5 kids every minute throughout the show.

Then pockets of slam dancing pits created throughout the main floor. People began ripping off their clothing and also chucking it right into the air toward the stage. Together the present progressed, world in the balcony started throwing north beer cups down at the audience below, and also empty plastic water bottles were flung up in the direction of the heavens from below.

It to be pure mayhem. Absolute MAYHEM.

I loved how guitarist/vocalist Fred Mascherino insisted on making use of his screamo voice even when that was merely talking come the audience. Ns cringed as soon as thinking the what it must be like to be v that guy at the library. The ‘brarians would be having actually NONE that that, I’m sure!

I have no idea what any type of of the song they sang (except because that the abovementioned one, which ns knew from the 20 2nd spots they operation of the video after episods that Yo Mama) since the crowd kept screaming along to the songs so i couldn’t really hear the tape singing, yet somehow by the end of the night mine voice to be hoarse indigenous screaming “TBS!” and also “I LOooooOOOOOVVVEEEE YOUUUUU!” in ~ the band throughout the show.

Oh, btw, TBS fans have actually the WORST feeling of rhythm ever. Every time a crowd-wide clap started in the audience, it was always off from the drum beat. Oh well.

Here’s a picture I took during the show. Not negative for a crap tiny cameraphone.

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Speaking of being emo, you need to watch this video clip of some dude called Philleps singing follow me to fall Out Boy’s “Sugar We’re going Down”. It’s hilarous! ns love his girlfriend who’s watching TV and is entirely annoyed through his antics. I likewise like how he think the lyrics room “we’re sipping weed” rather of “we’re sleeping in”. And it nearly turns right into a gay porno throughout the line “loaded God complex, penis it at pull it.” Hahaha.