me you re welcome if over there is any difference in definition in the adhering to sentences.

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The teacher called me that I would pass the test, but I don"t know that i can.

The teacher said me the I would certainly pass the test, yet I don"t recognize if ns can.


over there isn't really any difference in meaning. Both sentence say the you are not sure whether or no you can pass the test. We have tendency to use that once we are talking around something that has actually been taken to be true in the background. It cold be something the the person you are speaking to has actually said, or something the you would usually expect to it is in true. For example, if you room buying something and also the assistant says I'll inspect we have actually it in stock, this means he thinks they do have it in stock, conversely, I'll examine if we have it in share wouldn't suggest anything...
in her sentence (by the method it need to be my teacher called ME that... Or mine teacher said that...) you space saying that you don't know, so the factor for making use of that can only be to describe the reality that it has been said... But due to the fact that you've simply said that yourself, this doesn't add or adjust anything, and the definition is simply the same as with if.

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ns don't recognize the difference between two expression 'envelope provided' and also 'provided envelope

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