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Editor"s Note: This entry contain spoiler to Fate/stay night.

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Unlimited blade Works refers to the noble phantasm the the personality Archer and also Shirou Emiya in the Type-Moon Fate series. Since its introduction in 2004, the ability became popular amongst fans, spawning parodies and also a copypasta based upon the noble phantasm"s incantation.


Unlimited Blade works was an initial introduced in the 2004 visual novel video game Fate/stay night, especially in one of the game"s story routes under the same name together the noble phantasm.<10> The noble phantasm is a reality marble that acts together a magical factory for creating replicas of various weapons consisting of other noble phantasms. Come summon the reality marble, Archer must use one incantation come facilitate the invocation. The incantation reads:

"I am the Bone of mine SwordSteel is mine Body and Fire is my Blood.I have produced over a thousands Blades,Unknown to Death,Nor well-known to Life.Have endured Pain to create plenty of WeaponsYet those Hands will certainly never host Anything.So, together I Pray-- Unlimited blade Works"

Shirou Emiya has an alternative version that the incantation i m sorry he provides to summon the reality marble. The incantation is together follows:

"I to be the Bone of my SwordSteel is my Body and also Fire is my BloodI have produced over a thousands BladesUnaware of Loss, Nor mindful of Gain.Withstood ache to create Weapons, waiting for one’s ArrivalI have no Regrets. This is the only PathMy whole life to be Unlimited blade Works"


Discussions concerning Unlimited tongue Works started as beforehand as 2006 through posts showing up on a variety of sites such as reddit,<1> Tumblr,<2> 4chan,<3> Gamefaqs,<4> TVTropes,<5> and Zetaboards.<6> ~ above December 8th, 2008, Urban thesaurus user Arblast submitted an entry regarding the noble phantasm (shown below).<7>

On July 31st, 2013, Youtube user ExiaFr posted a video showcasing Archer using unlimited Blade works which was taken native the 2010 movie adaptation the Fate/Stay Night (shown below, left). Within 2 years, the video clip gathered over 276,000 views. On might 10th, 2015, Youtube user TheSzadow posted a video comparing Archer"s endless Blade Works capacity between the 2006 and the 2014 anime adaptation of Fate/stay Night (shown below, right). Within a year, the video clip gathered over 199,000 views. Both videos were eventually deleted.

Unlimited Essay Works

Unlimited Essay Works describes a notorious 4chan write-up that was submitted by a user well-known as "Mike." The post shows an essay that was written in the exact same manner together the copypasta which led to the user gaining a D+ and also ultimately failing his semester.

The initial thread to be posted on august 2nd, 2006 top top 4chan"s /a/ board.<13> In the thread, the original poster yielded a promise he made in a previous subject to turn in his last exam in the form of the endless Blade works copypasta (shown below).

The thread gained traction among users and was subsequently stickied through a mod.<11> The photo of the essay got popularity on a number of sites such together Funny Exams,<12><9> Dark Mirage,<8> and also FunnyJunk.

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<14> The thread additionally spawned a number of edits that pokes fun at the event(shown below).