SizeNumericalBustWaistHipXS032.5 in23.5 in35.5 in233.5 in24.5 in36.5 inS434.5 in25.5 in37.5 in635.5 in26.5 in38.5 inM836.5 in27.5 in39.5 in1037.5 in28.5 in40.5 inL1238 in29.5 in41.5 in1439 in30.5 in42.5 inXL1640 in31.5 in43.5 in1841 in32.5 in44.5 inXXL2042 in33.5 in45.5 in2243 in34.5 in46.5 in

Size overview (Centimeters)

This article runs tiny - us recommend sizing up.

XS083 cm60 cm90 cm
285 cm62 cm93 cm
S488 cm65 cm95 cm
690 cm67 cm98 cm
M893 cm70 cm100 cm
1095 cm72 cm103 cm
L1297 cm75 cm105 cm
1499 cm77 cm108 cm
XL16102 cm80 cm110 cm
18104 cm83 cm113 cm
XXL20107 cm85 cm116 cm
22109 cm88 cm118 cm


Blue / XS Blue / S Blue / M Blue / together Blue / XL Blue / XXL Pink / XS Pink / S Pink / M Pink / together Pink / XL Pink / XXL Pink / XXXL - marketed out — sign up with waitlist Grey / XS Grey / S - marketed out — sign up with waitlist Grey / M - offered out — join waitlist Grey / l Grey / XL Grey / XXL Grey / XXXL - marketed out — sign up with waitlist
Gyles & George created the original "I"m a Luxury" jumper in the early "80s in a selection of colors. One of their sweaters ~ above this style in a soft pink to be famously worn by Princess Diana.