This tune is sung between Liesl, a 16-year-old just beginning to confront the civilization for the very first time on she own, and Rolf, a boy that is one year older than her. Rolf takes it… review More 

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You wait, small girl, top top an north stageFor fate to turn the light onYour life, small girl, is an north pageThat guys will desire to write onTo compose onYou space sixteen walking on seventeenBaby, it's time come thinkBetter beware it is in canny and carefulBaby, you're top top the brinkYou room sixteen going on seventeenFellows will loss in lineEager young lads and rogues and cadsWill market you food and also wineTotally unprepared are youTo challenge a world of menTimid and shy and also scared room youOf things beyond your kenYou require someone older and wiserTelling friend what come doI to be seventeen walking on eighteenI'll take treatment of you
I am 16 going top top seventeenI recognize that I'm naïveFellows I accomplish may phone call me I'm sweetAnd willingly i believeI am 16 going ~ above seventeenInnocent as a roseBachelor dandies, drinkers of brandiesWhat perform I understand of those?Totally unprepared to be ITo challenge a civilization of menTimid and also shy and scared am IOf things past my kenI require someone older and also wiserTelling me what to doYou are seventeen walking on eighteenI'll depend, on you
This track is sung in between Liesl, a 16-year-old just beginning to challenge the people for the first time on she own, and also Rolf, a boy that is one year older 보다 her. Rolf takes the upon himself to teach her that she’s unprepared and also offers himself, someone “older and wiser,” that she can depend on.The text of the song state that Liesl is a young girl in ~ the start of she womanhood, and also that she deserve to depend on Rolf for guidance, as he is a great year older. Due to the fact that the to compare maturity of the two personalities in the story is the opposite of that expressed in the song, this is an example of lyrical irony.


Sixteen going on Seventeen by Original Broadway actors of The Sound the Music (Ft. Brian Davies & Lauri Peters)

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