Howl at the Moon global Studios Hollywood Citywalk

I love dueling piano bars. My pure favorite one is Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk Hotel at Walt Disney World. Surprisingly, there space not numerous dueling piano bars in the Los Angeles area. Howl at the Moon in ~ the Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk is a rare uncover in the city. Not that girlfriend can’t uncover plenty the bars, karaoke spots, or places to hear live music since there’s among those on nearly every solitary street in LA. Over there is something special around dueling piano bars that renders me love them much more than the others.

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Please note that in ~ the finish of November Howl in ~ the Moon will relocate to 6356 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. The tips on how to get in totally free should tho apply.

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Howl in ~ the Moon charges a $10 sheathe to acquire in. However, girlfriend can obtain a good discount on ticket via Goldstar because that $3.75. But there is a method you deserve to go because that free. My friends and also I have gone to Howl at the Moon for totally free two time in the last month. You will most likely need to pay the an initial time girlfriend go. However, be certain to fill out the develops on the tables to success a cost-free party. Number of of my friends and myself have actually won totally free parties. Not only do the parties include cost-free admission for all your friends but you likewise get very discounted drinks. I’m talking $1.50 & $3 drinks!

Almost everyone wins a party. So salary to go once and then keep going over and over again for everyone’s party. All of my friends who gone into to victory a party got an e-mail saying they winner so it can absolutely happen because that you too.

What come Know before You Go

If you want a table plan on showing up close to as soon as it opens at 7pm.Write a funny keep in mind or placed a couple of dollars v your tune request if friend really want it to acquire played.Parking at the Citywalk can be expensive. After 7pm it have to be $10. You can constantly park for totally free in the metro parking lot at the bottom the the hill and also walk come the CityWalk.

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Something else the is fun to do at the CityWalk is to to visit a taping of Extra.