So I newly upgraded come a Samsung Galaxy S6 after mine phone contract came complete circle and one feature in particular I to be looking front to was wireless charging, particularly given the S6’s damaging battery life.

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Updated 13th September 2016

I purchased a tempered glass display screen protector and an S6 wireless charger.

When the wireless charging pad arrived i immediately set it up and also looked front to casually throwing mine phone on the whenever ns sat down at mine desk.

Unfortunately, every time I put the phone call on the pad and it started charging, I’d get a article after a couple of seconds speak ‘Wireless Charging Paused’. I have heard native others the this problem likewise affects the Samsung Galaxy note 5 and also various various other Samsung phones.

I invested the next small while trying all sorts (see below)

Fixes to Try

The following are fixes that have either operated for me or because that others (thanks for all contributions!)

A various charger to it is provided powerTry charging from a PCTry disabling and also re-enabling NFCTry removing her caseTrying placing something in between the phone and the charger to ‘raise it’ a littleImplement the ‘Daydream Solution’ belowDistance the charging pad native any speakers (as it offers magnetic induction)

Galaxy S6 & Galaxy keep in mind Wireless Charging: The Daydream Solution

In the finish I uncovered a equipment on a forum what (sorry – can’t discover it now!), the systems is to prevent your phone from going completely ‘to sleep’ while charging by enabling the Daydream feature specifically as soon as charging, to carry out this:

Go to ‘Settings’Go to ‘Display’Go come ‘Daydream’Ensure the Daydream choice is turned onSelect your desired Daydream intuitive (I opted for the ‘Colours’ screensaver)Select ‘More’ in the peak right edge of the Daydream screenSelect ‘Select once to daydream’Ensure either ‘While Charging’ or ‘Both’ is selected

Alternative Solutions

Quite a couple of people have actually now contacted me and said that an altering the cable come a shorter one operated for them. This confirms the in part cases, that a problem of no enough existing (longer cables provide more resistance to the power). If the shorter cable choice works for you, I highly recommend safety a bit an ext on some good quality (high gauge, low resistance) USB cables so you can still have them long however with lot of of power gaining through, i purchased several of these:

Sabrent 22AWG Premium Micro USB Cables

Car Charging

One thing that I discovered odd is the my wireless automobile charger – likewise a Qi charger – works fine there is no daydream mode of any kind of of the other add fixes.

The just thing unusual around the vehicle charger compared to my desk charger is the apparently has actually ‘3 coils’ to administer a “larger high-efficiency charging position”.

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Click below to view the car charger ~ above Amazon >

Visual screen by Screen Solution

Update Galaxy Apps & Google play Apps

Samsung do the complying with official explain via their support forum:

We recommend checking her Galaxy Apps store and Play store for any kind of updates. In the play keep go come menu, then my apps & games. Here you can choose to upgrade all or choose applications. In the Galaxy apps store you will select the much more option on the top, then tap mine apps. Below you will click update and your maker will display you which applications require update. After perfect this, you might clear the cached partition of her device. To perform this you will power under the machine and upon begin up girlfriend will host the volume up, home, and also power secrets until the machine powers on right into a boot mode. As soon as there friend will usage the Volume tricks to navigate come the wipe cache partition option. You will then use the power key to select this. This will delete only temporary documents used by the machine and have to not delete any type of saved data. Once this is complete. You will certainly navigate to the reboot device option and use the power switch to pick this.

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