cost-free agency Grubauer, Andersen, Ullmark amongst goalies on relocate in complimentary agency

Kraken sign previous Avalanche starter, Colorado acquires Kuemper native Coyotes on busy very first day

by Tom Gulitti

The Colorado Avalanche began Wednesday intended to store Philipp Grubauer together their No. 1 goalie yet ended that by scrambling to obtain Darcy Kuemper from the Arizona Coyotes to replace him.

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The price to be steep, v the Avalanche trade 22-year-old defenseman Conor Timmins, a first-round choose in the 2022 Draft and also a conditional third-round pick in the 2024 Draft. But Colorado was desperate not to be left without a seat on the goalie carousel adhering to a busy very first day of cost-free agency that consisted of Grubauer leave Colorado to authorize a six-year contract v the Seattle Kraken.

"I was hoping that now we"d have great news native "Grubie" and also it didn"t happen," Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic said. "Obviously, good for him. He had a good contract sell in Seattle and he took it."

Grubauer was amongst the goalies to change teams. After ~ trading Alex Nedeljkovic come the Detroit Red wing on Thursday, the Carolina Hurricanes claimed goodbye come Petr Mrazek, who signed a three-year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and also James Reimer, who signed a two-year contract v the san Jose Sharks. The Hurricanes signed Frederik Andersen from the Maple Leafs and Antti Raanta indigenous the Coyotes each to a two-year contract.

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Hampered by a lower-body injury, Andersen to be 13-8-3 through a 2.96 goals-against average and .895 save percent with Toronto last season. Raanta, who missed time with upper-body and also lower-body injuries critical season, to be 5-5-2 v a 3.36 GAA and also .905 save percentage with Arizona.

"We think that combo that those two guys give us the best opportunity to victory hockey games and also take united state to where we desire to acquire to," Carolina GM Don Waddell said.

The Maple Leafs likewise believe Mrazek will type a formidable duo through returnee Jack Campbell. Mrazek, who was restricted to 12 gamings last season due to the fact that of a thumb injury, to be 6-2-3 v a 2.06 GAA, .923 save percentage and three shutouts.

"It"s goaltending, therefore it"s a hugely important position because that everybody," Toronto GM Kyle Dubas said. "We were fortunate going in that we currently have Jack Campbell, who we feel very strongly about. But we simply felt we essential to uncover a solid partner for him so the we can have as an excellent a tandem as possible. And also we felt we achieved that through Petr Mrazek today."

Among the other goalies top top the move were Jonathan Bernier, that signed a two-year contract through the new Jersey Devils after ~ he to be traded through the Red wings to Carolina in the Nedeljkovic deal, and also Linus Ullmark, that left the Buffalo Sabres to sign with the Boston Bruins.

Braden Holtby signed a one-year contract with the Dallas Stars after having the last season of his contract bought the end by the Vancouver Canucks, and also Jaroslav Halak left the Bruins to sign a one-year contract to change Holtby as Vancouver"s back-up to Thatcher Demko. David Rittich left Toronto to sign a one-year contract to it is in the Nashville Predators backup to Juuse Saros.

Carter Hutton also left Buffalo to authorize a one-year contract with Arizona, and Brian Elliott relocated on indigenous the Philadelphia Flyers to sign a one-year contract to be the Tampa just Lightning back-up to Andrei Vasilevskiy. Young name Jones, who had the last three year on his contract bought out by the Sharks, signed a one-year contract through the Flyers to change Elliott and share the duties with Carter Hart. Craig Anderson signed on because that a 19th season; the 40-year-old agreed to a one-year contract through the Sabres.

"It was a yes, really fast-moving market," Philadelphia GM chuck Fletcher said. "There"s a most teams in search of goaltenders. Friend look at as many situations as friend can and find together many situations where the player has actually the exact same interest in you that you have in him. You make quick decisions."

The Bruins traded goalie Dan Vladar come the Calgary Flames because that a third-round pick in the 2022 Draft, and the Kraken traded goalie Vitek Vanecek to the Washington resources for the Winnipeg Jets" second-round pick in the 2023 breeze (acquired for defenseman Brenden Dillon on Monday). Seattle selected Vanecek from resources in the 2021 development Draft a main earlier but boomeranged him earlier to Washington after signing Grubauer.

The Avalanche want to re-sign Grubauer, however Sakic acknowledged, "It was one of those negotiations the we simply couldn"t obtain to the number he to be at."

So Colorado had actually to find a plan B. The turned out to it is in Kuemper, who was 10-11-3 with a 2.56 GAA, .907 conserve percentage and also two shutouts v the Coyotes critical season.

"Fortunately us were in a great situation, kind of the last male standing with one of the finest goaltenders the end there," Arizona general manager invoice Armstrong said. "I do feel the Darcy Kuemper is someone that can gain the over the hump. Us knew it, and also we believed in Darcy, for this reason we kind of organized off, held our floor in negotiations.

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"As it moved along and also goaltenders signed, it became evident that he to be the large chip the a few teams the are contending for the Cup wanted. He truly is a great teammate, great person, and also someone who involved the rink wanting to do the Coyotes better."

Grubauer was voted a finalist for the Vezina Trophy together the optimal goalie in the critical season, when he was 30-9-1 v a 1.95 GAA, .922 and seven shutouts in 40 gamings with the Avalanche. Now he"ll kind potentially among the best goalie duos in the with Chris Driedger for the Kraken in your inaugural season. Seattle signed Driedger to a three-year contract after choosing him in the development draft indigenous the Florida Panthers. He to be 14-6-3 with a 2.07 GAA, .927 conserve percentage and three shutouts in 23 starts last season.

"You watch at all the teams, you look at the goalie market, going into the protection list, we felt that was sort of drying up a little bit, and then this wake up on free agency day," Seattle GM Ron Francis claimed of signing Grubauer. "You never understand what to expect. We were fortunate to be able to act on that today."