This section will guide you v the simple installation the Sven Co-op"s dedicated server.

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Which package is right for me?

Our specialized server package comes in two creates both with different benefits. One is distributed to you through your Steam client (the same application you usage to launch gamings in Steam) together a tool, and the various other is spread through Steam"s console client (SteamCMD ) together a independent application.

Here room the basic differences and also benefits of lock both:

Steam toolStandalone application
Install with Steam.Appears as a device in your heavy steam account"s library.Ideal for temporary/observed servers.Downloads together a independent application.Ideal for permanent/unattended servers.
Installation is fast and also easy.Start a server conveniently through Steam.Easy graphical user interface to collection options, view statistics, players, and also manage bans.Server will immediately update favor with any kind of other vapor package.No steam account required.No Steam client installation required.Can pat on your server in ~ the very same time.Can be launched in graphical and console modes.Can be launched as a regular application or system service.Can operation multiple servers with a single set of application files.
Requires a vapor account.Requires the Steam customer to be running.Can"t beat the game at the same time.Can"t be introduced in console mode.Can"t be introduced as a device service.Can"t operation multiple servers.Installation requires understanding of a command line / terminal environment.Starting a server needs a custom shortcut or command.More complicated console/command interface to control the server.Updates must be download manually or v a characterized schedule.

Once you have chosen a package monitor the instructions for the steam tool or independent application.

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Installation: vapor tool

Our specialized server parcel in vapor will enable you come effortlessly download a server attached come your steam account. It"s quick, easy, and should be up and running as fast as you deserve to download it. This is suitable approach for temporary / part-time servers. You will call for a valid installation the Sven Co-op to continue.

Instructions are as follows:

Launch steam and log in in.In the main vapor screen hover over Library and also click Tools.Scroll under the perform of easily accessible tools till you see Sven Co-op specialized Server.Double-click the parcel to download it.Follow the on-screen installation.

That is it. You have to now have actually the dedicated server tool prepared to launch. Double-click the device in the library and also select Play Sven Co-op devoted Server come launch a server v a graphical interface.

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Installation: independent application

Our committed server parcel is also obtainable as a independent package available via the SteamCMD tool. Despite it requires further knowledge to install and also use girlfriend will benefit from a server the doesn"t depend on your vapor client, can be operation as a console application, and even be run as one unattended device service. Irreversible / permanent servers must opt for this approach. Girlfriend will also NOT require an present Sven Co-op installation come continue.

carry out not use this method of installation if you are unfamiliar through some basic server management concepts such as utilizing a command note or terminal environment, and reading/writing construction files.

Instructions space as follows:

Open a command notice or terminal setting on your system.Download our devoted server package v the complying with command:steamcmd +login cotton +force_install_dir "C:SvenDS" +app_update 276060 validate +exitReplace the route C:SvenDS through a ar to her preference.Wait because that the package to download and validate.

Once it has finished you can use the SvenDS.exe executable to launch a server. Launching without any kind of arguments will begin it through a graphical interface, or if girlfriend specify the -console argument it will start with a console interface.

The very same command is offered to update the server application too, but be certain you have no server instances to run or the upgrade will fail.

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Starting a server: Graphical

To begin a server through a graphical interface simply beginning the Sven Co-op specialized Server device in your heavy steam tools library (for vapor tool installations) or beginning the SvenDS.exe executable (for standalone application installations). You will certainly be presented v a small kind asking for part options.

Game: This will constantly be Sven Co-op, unless you"re to run a mod on our engine.Server Name: This is the name of your server as displayed in the game server list and on the score plank in game.Map: choose a map to run automatically with her server. Osprey is a good choice if you desire to gain players in quickly, or Stadium4 because that a gathering place for a team of friends.Network: Internet method your server will certainly be easily accessible to anyone v a valid heavy steam subscription, and also players authenticate v their heavy steam ID number. LAN means your server will certainly be accessible only come your regional network, and also players authenticate through their IP address.Max. Players: The maximum variety of players that deserve to be on her server in ~ a time (2-32). Many maps come to be overcrowded with an ext than 12 players.UDP port: The network harbor number for your server to hear on. If unsure leave together default (27015).RCON password: The password offered to remotely accessibility the command console for your server. You need to not tell anyone this password as it enables them to regulate your game server. It need to be at the very least 3 characters consisting of only alpha-numeric characters. If girlfriend don"t desire to usage this feature, simply do a keyboard mash come input any type of random string.

Once you"re prepared click Start Server, it will certainly take a moment to begin. Every one of these alternatives will be remembered for the following time you begin a server.

You will certainly then (hopefully) it is in presented with a larger kind depicting a tabbed management user interface for your game server.

The Main tab tells you a bit around your server (which game, how numerous players are on, exactly how long it"s to be running) along with transforming some basic settings:Server Name, Network, and RCON Password as in the launch options form.Map: Immediately readjust to a new map native a list.Player Password: allows you to set (or unset) a password forced for football player to join your server (making your server private).Map Cycle: A graphical tool to construct a map bicycle to operation on her server.The Configure tab allows you to change a more comprehensive set of options. Not every one of these will be conserved after you begin a new server.The Statistics tab reflects you a graph about how well her server is performing such together CPU load, frame rate (tick rate), and also network data.The Players tab mirrors you a perform of players at this time connected, part information about them, and also the capacity to kick/ban players.The Bans tab shows you a perform of right now banned players and IP addresses, editing the bans list, and importing/exporting the list to a paper for backup.The Console tab reflects you a straightforward textual depiction what is continue on her server, in addition to the ability to submit regulates to her server. Girlfriend will should look at this output if you require to uncover out why something has actually gone wrong. Protect against entering any kind of commands girlfriend aren"t sure of what they will do, particularly those provided to friend by other people you don"t totally trust.

There is really little an ext I have the right to tell you about running a server in graphical mode. You deserve to close that down any kind of time girlfriend like, then any players associated will be returned to the main menu with a message that the server is shutting down.

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Starting a server: Console

This alternative is only available to the independent application. You will need to open a command prompt or terminal environment on your device then readjust the working magazine to her Sven Co-op committed server installtion (usually C:SvenDS).

Next you need to construct a command to launch your server. The following list that arguments and parameters will determine exactly how your server starts. Be certain to split them up with a space. Pay attention to those beginning with a hyphen (arguments) and also those beginning with a plus (parameter), together they will not work-related with the dorn symbol. Sections highlighted prior to the colon room the parts you type, and also underlined sections are parts you change.

SvenDS: The name of the application, go not require to have actually ".exe" on the end.-game modname: Only essential if you space running a mode on our engine, otherwise overlook this.+ip ipaddress: Only essential if your computer has much more than one IP resolve assigned come it, and you should specify which address to listen on.-port 27015: choose the network harbor to hear on, typically 27015 unless you"re running much more than one server ~ above the exact same IP address.+maxplayers 12: The maximum number of players that can be on your server at one time (2-32). It will be 12 if you do not clues this.+map _server_start: Specify i beg your pardon map come launch the server on. If you execute not point out this her server will remain stuck in an un-connectible state!+log on: start a log record for the server console (recommended).

Here is a basic example to begin an 8-player server ~ above map stadium4 hearne on harbor 27015 v logging enabled:

SvenDS -console -port 27015 +maxplayers 8 +map stadium4 +log onBack come the top...


Once friend have gained your first server running you will most likely want to adjust the configuration of that in a method that it"s conserved permanently, and throughout map changes.

We will emphasis on simply the simple configuration options here found in the default server.cfg file. Modify this document with a plain text editor (like Notepad or nano). You can modify this paper while her server is running, then any kind of saved changes will take impact on the next map.

SettingDefault valueDescription
hostnameSven Co-op v5.0 serverThe name of her server together players see it. This heat comes first to minimization the opportunity of her server appearing as the default surname Sven Co-op. Shot to border yourself to 40 personalities on this.
logonSwitch on logging of occasions on her server. There is little reason to revolve this off uneven you don"t require logs. I recommend you point out this in your command parameters instead to lower the number of log documents created.
rcon_passwordEmptyPassword supplied for accessing the server console remotely. Usage a password toughness meter to assist you build a great password. Only your reliable server administrators should understand this as it enables unlimited access to your game server. If you leave this blank, remote console accessibility will not be obtainable (don"t issue -- that won"t allow everyone to usage RCON without a password).
sv_passwordEmptyPassword offered for football player to join your server. Leave empty if her server is public.
sys_ticrate128The maximum variety of frames/second her server will certainly process.We have uncovered that setting this using base 16 increments (64, 128, 256, etc) gives a smoother basic 10 tick rate (50, 100, 200, etc) than setting the number at base 10 directly.Setting this above roughly 250 is ridiculously stupid, and also your players will simply complain around lag when your server filling up. Frame rates as well high will additionally have a an unfavorable effect ~ above physics and NPC movement, and extreme framework rates (over 500) will cause many brush entities to cause crush damage when nothing is blocking them.
deathmatch1This is important for the intended video game play that Sven Co-op. Do not readjust this, and do not use the coop setting.
decalfrequency30The time (seconds) a player should wait prior to making their spray again. 0 will remove this delay, however is not recommended.
hpk_maxsize2The size limit (megabytes) the the file that stores uploaded sprays. The oldest sprays are removed to make way for brand-new sprays.
pausable0Determines even if it is the video game on her server deserve to be paused by anyone. This is never ever recommended on public servers.
sv_allowdownload1Allow players to download practice content from her server.
sv_allowupload1Allow football player to send custom sprays to her server.
sv_region255The region your server is in. This is provided in Steam"s server browser, therefore players have the right to look because that servers near by.-1: carry out not perform server in the server browser.0: USA east shore (includes central zone)1: USA west shore (includes hill zone)2: South/Latin America.3: Europe.4: Asia.5: Australia/Oceania.6: center East.7: Africa.255: International/Other.This does no restrict players from connecting to her server. You re welcome be honest around your server ar rather than simply use International, which must only be offered for countries/continents not currently included such as:Other USA area (mountain/central/Alaska/Hawaii)Canada.Mexico.Central America (continent)Caribbean.Greenland.Other non-continental territories.Antarctica (lol)Anywhere else not stated here.Please additionally bare in mind the if you select a an ar other than worldwide your server will show up on both International and also the an ar you have selected. This is why you need to pick the correct zone if her server stays in among them.
sv_voicecodecvoice_speexThe voice codec to use. Right now only voice_miles and also voice_speex room available. Over there is no reason to revert come voice_miles as the top quality is terrible, and also throughput intake is much more than twin used through voice_speex.
sv_voicequality5The voice quality for voice_speex.Bad quality, 2.4 kBytes/sec that throughput offered (7.5% that what voice_miles uses)Adequate quality, 6 kBytes/sec the throughput used (18.75% of what voice_miles uses)Good quality, 8 kBytes/sec that throughput supplied (25% that what voice_miles uses)Very great quality, 11.2 kBytes/sec that throughput offered (35% the what voice_miles uses)Brilliant quality, 15.2 kBytes/sec of throughput provided (47.5% the what voice_miles uses)Even servers on residence broadband connections deserve to sustain the greatest quality readily available by voice_speex, over there is very small reason to adjust this.
sv_voiceenable1Allow players to usage voice communication.
mp_notimelimit0Disable a map"s mp_timelimit setup allowing the to run indefinitely. The map deserve to still end on north servers as result of mp_timelimit_empty.
mp_telefrag1Players will certainly kill who if they room teleported inside them. Disabling this will result in players piling up inside each various other unable come move.
mp_timelimit60Map changes after this lot of time (minutes) if the map hasn"t to be completed already.
mp_timelimit_empty10Automatically end the map and also move on to the following if the server has been empty for this countless minutes (stops maps setup infinite time borders on north servers). Set to 0 to disable this feature.
mp_weaponstay1Weapons have the right to be choose up multiple times, with the exemption of miniguns. Disabling this will an outcome in a pair of players acquisition all the weapons leaving others v nothing.
execbanned.cfgLoads the perform of banned heavy steam IDs.
execlistip.cfgLoads the perform of banned IP addresses.

If you great to watch a vastly much more complete collection of construction options, please view the prolonged server configuration guide.

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Once friend have gained your server up and also running and you want players to connect to it over the web it is likely that your server will be behind a firewall, a router v a firewall, or a router utilizing network attend to translation (NAT). This is likely to average you will call for some additional configuration of one or an ext of these in order come make her server world visible.

The most most likely scenario specifically for video game servers at residential nature is a router making use of network deal with translation. This is whereby one publicly IP resolve is assigned come a NAT router at home, of i m sorry is then shared in between one or more computers/devices utilizing a private address network. The easiest means to identify if this is the instance for girlfriend is to carry out the following:

Open a command prompt or terminal setting on her system.Submit command: ipconfig (on Windows) or ifconfig (on Linux).Take note of the numbers to the right of the IPv4 Address row.

Ignore any type of network maker that shows one of these attend to ranges, due to the fact that they room not connected to the internet anyway:


Check if her IPv4 resolve is in ~ the complying with ranges:


If this is the case you are certainly behind a router making use of NAT. Girlfriend will have to configure port forwarding on your router in bespeak to do your game server world visible. Due to the fact that there room literally thousands of different home router models worldwide we are not walking to guide you on just how to perform this. Rather visit to uncover a collection of instructions particular to her router. Girlfriend will also need bureaucratic permission on your router in order to do this adjustment, so if it isn"t her ask for permission first.

Our server applications only offers the adhering to transport ports. You have the right to amend these utilizing the equivalent command line parameter.

27015UDP-portGame & contents transfers traffic
27015TCP-portRemote console (RCON) traffic
26900UDP-sportValve anti-cheat (VAC) company traffic (auto-increments native default if required to the next obtainable port)

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Installing tradition maps

Your players will inevitably obtain bored with the official collection of maps provided. Girlfriend will almost certainly want to install some of the many extr maps approximately to boost the suffer of your game server.

Installing custom maps is a simple process providing map artists follow the map distribution guidelines. Friend will have downloaded a map as a record containing the map contents commonly as a ZIP, RAR, or 7Z archive. Maps are hardly ever distribute maps together a standalone BSP file or together a bunch the unpacked files.

You can use a complimentary utility such together 7-Zip to open most of the save formats roughly today. This operation on both Windows and Linux and also is provided for totally free of charge.

When you open up the save on computer you should see a collection of folders that could be gfx, maps, models, scripts, sound, and also sprites. It"s also likely you"ll view a bunch the WAD papers here too. If this is what you see you will have to extract all of these to her server"s jamesmerse.com_addons folder.

do not extract any unofficial resources directly into the folder. To assist keep her game files clean, use the jamesmerse.com_addons folder. The game engine is perfectly qualified of loading maps and their components from this location. If there is a scripts folder had take a look inside prior to extraction. There should only ever before be a maps folder within this. Something else need to be treated as suspicious and not extracted, or deleted after extraction. If there is just a folder inside the archive, you need to enter this folder before extraction. This reflects the map artist has actually not adhered to our existing guidelines ~ above map distribution.
If over there is only a BSP record (and maybe a couple of TXT/CFG documents along side it) this method the map doesn"t have actually much practice content. These files should be extracted to the maps folder within the jamesmerse.com_addons folder.

This diagram shows how custom map content must be laid out in her game.


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Advanced topics

This page only covers the simple installation and also configuration the a single server. Our progressed topics guide covers a variety of an ext in-depth work such together configuration profiling (running lot of servers ~ above a solitary installation), to run a server as a system service, and setting up a rapid in-game content server.