Take PewDiePie for example—he has over 100 million subscribers ~ above YouTube and also billions of views.

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But how numerous videos did that take for him to obtain there?

On social media platforms favor YouTube, consistency is the crucial to growth.

In fact, the vast majority of effective YouTubers in the current have hundreds or thousands of videos.

To acquire a unstable idea of just how much effort it took because that a successful YouTuber to gain to wherein they space today, you can look in ~ the total number of videos that they’ve uploaded.

If your dream is to come to be a full time YouTuber, that is one way to gauge the variety of videos the you need to put out.

In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to see how plenty of videos a YouTube channel has in 3 easy steps.

How to watch how many videos a YouTube channel has

To check out how countless videos a YouTube channel has, find for the channel name, filter the search form to “Channel”, and also check the search results.

The total number of videos that the channel has will be presented next come its subscriber count.

Alternatively, if you’re using YouTube ~ above a desktop, you have the right to go to the channel, click on “Videos”, then click on “Play All”.

After friend clicked ~ above “Play All”, you’ll check out a playlist containing all of the channel’s videos ~ above the right.

You can see the total number of videos that the channel has under “Uploads native x”.

For example, if you clicked ~ above “Play All” for PewDiePie’s channel, you’ll see this top top the playlist, “Uploads indigenous PewDiePie, PewDiePie – 1 / 4,266”.

This way that PewDiePie has uploaded a total of 4,266 videos ~ above his YouTube channel.

Below is a step-by-step overview on how you deserve to see how numerous videos a YouTube channel has actually on both the desktop and mobile gadgets (e.g. IPhone/Android).

Step #1: open up YouTube & search for the channel name


After you’ve looked for the channel’s name, the search results can contain a mix of channels and videos.

The channel that you room looking for might not even be on the find results.

This is since the search result filter is right now filtered come “All”.

By default, the search an outcome filter is collection to “All”, which means that videos, channels, playlists, films, and programs will display up on the search results.

In order come view channels only, you need to filter the search results to “Channel”.

If you’re making use of YouTube on a desktop, click the “filter” icon under the search bar.

On the various other hand, if you’re utilizing the YouTube app, tap top top the “filter” symbol on the top-right edge of her screen.

Once you’ve tapped on the “filter” icon, the find filter food selection will it is in opened.

There space a ton the filters that you have the right to set—Sort by, Type, Upload date, Duration, and also Features.

The filter the you desire to be making use of is the “Type” filter.

Under the “Type” filter, you’ll watch a filter that states “Channel”.

Select “Channel” to set the find filter to networks only.

In the final step, you’ll learn how to examine the search results to view the total number of videos that a YouTube channel has.

Step #3: inspect the search results


Now that you’ve filtered the search results to networks only (from the vault step), you deserve to easily find the channel that you’re spring for.

Let’s say the you’re searching for a channel called, “jamesmerse.com”.

After you’ve searched for “jamesmerse.com” and also filtered the search outcomes to networks only, you’ll frequently see the channel on the first couple of search results.

On the channel result, you’ll watch its name, subscribers, and videos.

Next to the subscriber count the the channel, you’ll watch the total number of videos the the channel has.

Here’s one example, “jamesmerse.com, 19 Subscribers, 2 Videos”.

In this case, the total number of videos that the jamesmerse.com channel has is two.

If the channel name is generic (e.g. John), you could have to scroll for a while before friend can uncover the channel that you’re feather for.

Congrats, you’ve found out the total number of videos that jamesmerse.com has.

Now, you have the right to repeat the process to uncover out how many videos one more YouTube channel has.

How plenty of videos have the right to I have on YouTube?

You deserve to have unlimited videos on YouTube.

YouTube does not have a border to how numerous videos you have the right to upload on her channel.

In fact, a channel dubbed “CODblackopsPS” has actually uploaded over 1,000,000 videos ~ above YouTube.

Why can’t I view all mine YouTube videos?

You can’t see every one of your YouTube videos due to the fact that you’ve either adjusted their visibility to private or unlisted.

If you’ve readjusted your video’s visibility to private, you won’t have the ability to see the on your channel together a typical visitor (while you’re signed out, or signed in to a various channel).

Similarly, if you adjusted your video’s visibility to unlisted, girlfriend won’t have the ability to see it together a regular visitor together well.

However, others will only be able to see it if they have actually the link to the video.

In both of this scenarios, the videos that you set to private or unlisted will certainly be covert from her channel if you shot to watch them while you’re signed out, or signed in through a various channel.

How can I watch all the videos on mine YouTube channel?

To watch all the videos on your YouTube channel, navigate come “Library” ~ above the YouTube app, and also tap on “Your videos”.

Your private and also unlisted videos will certainly not be shown straight on her channel.

In order to see them, you require to walk to “Your videos” top top the library instead of “Your channel”.

Here’s a step-by-step overview on how you can do this:

Open the YouTube app.Sign in to her account.Tap on “Library” ~ above the bottom navigation bar.Tap ~ above “Your videos” to check out all the videos on your YouTube channel.

After you’ve selected “Your videos”, you’ll be able to see every the videos on her YouTube channel, consisting of private and also unlisted ones.


Knowing how numerous videos a YouTube channel has can be beneficial in 2 ways.

Firstly, you’ll be able to tell whether the total variety of views native a channel is from a viral video, or from a many videos.

Secondly, it reflects how plenty of videos a YouTuber has uploaded to gain to where they space today (e.g. PewDiePie).

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Consequently, it provides you a truth check if you’re hoping to become a permanent Youtuber.