Here’s the perform of 4 ways to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra and Note 20. You can capture multiple screenshots or scrolling screenshots in her Galaxy note 20 Ultra. Just open the screen or internet page you want to take it a screenshot. My favorite method tap catch screenshot is a palm swipe gesture to conveniently capture any kind of screen.

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Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 20 Ultra has actually a an effective Exynos 990 processor, impressive triple camera, Wireless DeX, Marvelous S Pen, Automatically change refresh price up to 120Hz, document 8K videos in ~ 24 fps, perfect because that gaming lover (Supported Xbox games), UWB chip for much faster data transfer and also more.

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How to take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra


Check out listed below given different methods come take screenshot on Galaxy keep in mind 20 Ultra.

Using the Hardware vital (Power & Volume down button)

Step 1: open the page or screen on your phone.

Step 2: Press and hold the power button and also volume down button at the exact same time to record a screenshot.

You can straight share, edit and also delete the screenshot without open the screenshot in your device.

Take a Screenshot top top Galaxy keep in mind 20 Ultra utilizing Palm Swipe Gesture

Make sure revolve on palm swipe gesture in your note 20 Ultra. Swiping the leaf of her hand across half of the screen and also the display screen will be automatically taking a screenshot.

Settings > advanced features > motions & gestures > Palm swipe to catch > Toggle ~ above Palm swipe to capture

Using S Pen

Step 1: Pull the end your S Pen on her phone.

Step 2: Tap top top Screen write.

Step 3: It will capture the screenshot of open the screen.

Using Bixby Button

Step 1: lengthy press the strength button come launch the Bixby.

Step 2: phone call Bixby come “Take a screenshot

It will instantly capture the screenshot of your device.

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End the perform of methods to take a screenshot on Galaxy keep in mind 20 Ultra and Note 20. I m sorry one is her favorite method? Tell united state in below comment box.




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