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5. No hay de que / No hay de que preocuparse - yes nothing to problem about

This one is very comparable to number four. It also has that relaxed vibe come it.

6. No tienes nada que agradecer - Think naught of it

You don"t hear this a lot in Mexico. It’s not a really common phrase, but it"s great to know just in case you carry out come throughout it. This is an ext used through older people or someone, maybe in a tiny bit much more of a formal setting.

7. ¿Qué agradeces? - What space you thanking me for?

It’s interesting since it"s type of favor a question but it’s said favor a statement. It’s favor “what room you thanking me for; it"s something so small I currently forgot around it. It"s no big deal”.

8. Gracias a ti / A ti - give thanks to you

This phrase is very simple but an extremely useful. It way “you"re welcome and thank you”.


9. Con gusto - Happy come help

This literally converts to “with pleasure.” the a yes, really friendly method of comment “thank you.”

10. Para eso estamos - it is what we’re here for

This phrase is usually provided by who who has actually an obligation towards you, like your parents.

If you room talking to her friends you can say this expression instead, “para eso estamos los amigos”, i beg your pardon means, “that’s what friends are for”.

11. A la orden - At your service

This one you’ll hear a lot more in a company industry or someone who has an duty to aid you.

12. Es un placer - It’s mine pleasure

This is likewise commonly used in the business industry.


13. Estamos para servirte (informal) - We’re right here to serve you

The formal way of saying this is “estamos para servirle.” Can additionally be said, “para servirte (informal) or para servirle (formal),” and method “we’re right here to offer you” or simply, “at her service.” These space phrases that you will most likely hear in a business industry prefer a hotel or restaurant.

14. Hoy por ti, mañana por mí - today for you, tomorrow for me

This about translates to “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours,” which means that you are both taking treatment of every other. This is not usually provided in casual conversations, however may it is in heard top top a TV display or review in a book.

15. Gracias, las que dare adornan - elegant is what’s adorning you

This is a flirty means of responding to “gracias,” however does not literally typical “welcome.” It’s much more of complimenting who of his or her physical appearance.

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Get Out and Practice!

Use these phrases the following time you take trip to Spanish-speaking countries or make a conversation through someone in Spanish - and also make one impression on an ext than just de nada.

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