Borderlands 3 is a quite meaty game, so girlfriend won't want to lose any kind of progress. Here’s how to conserve your game.

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Borderlands 3 is the biggest entry into the collection yet, boasting many planets come explore, and also thousands of weapons to loot. And with so much going on it can be basic to take keep in mind of the basic things, like just how to save your game in Borderlands 3. To assist you out, we’ve put together this Borderlands 3 conserving Guide. We’ll walk you v how to save your game in Borderlands 3, and likewise whether or no there is a hands-on save system in the game.

How to Save

Borderlands 3 has actually somewhat of a confusing save system. The works practically entirely on an autosave system, and also you’ll most likely want to wait till you’ve perfect your present objective prior to shutting under your game. You’ll see a tiny vault arch icon when Borderlands 3 is saving, and also we’ve uncovered that heading into the menus and quitting the video game properly commonly ensure a kind checkpoint save.

Can friend Manually Save?

At the time of writing, there is no means to manually conserve your game in Borderlands 3. We recommend quitting the end from the key menu to ensure girlfriend don’t lose any kind of progress.

Epic Save file Location

Seeing together Borderlands 3 is one Epic save exclusive, you may be wondering wherein your save papers are located for Borderlands 3 on her PC. Well, we’ve consisted of the record extension below:

C:Users\DocumentsMy GamesBorderlands3SavedSaveGames

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