Bowl Sanding tools are rather simplistic. How those bowl sanding tools are used to acquire the finest looking bowls have the right to seem overwhelming at first.

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I’ll call you directly out: I used to hate sanding. Ns dreaded the idea the “wasting time” and wanted to acquire on through doing other an ext important things. Sanding and also I have come to agreeable terms over the years. We get along good now, and the results are satisfactory for both of us.

Who really enjoys sanding? ns was the way. The thrill while turning and see a beautiful timber bowl arise from a chunk of hardwood is dramatic, rapid paced and inspiring. After a key is formed, it’s straightforward to desire to speak to it done and move on to the following bowl. However not therefore fast, that’s wherein the key sanding tools and also finish approaches come in.

If girlfriend have fellow woodturning friends, you know there are countless ways to sand and also finish a wood bowl. There room the males that treat sanding as a religion and will spend days finishing each piece as if that is museum bound. And also then there room folks that barely sand in ~ all and also like the “natural” look at of the wood.

The little incremental step from beautiful turned bowl to beautiful perfect turned bowl with a great finished surface can seem time consuming and painstakingly elusive. The doesn’t need to be either.

What is the best method to sand a hardwood turned bowl? Well, like whatever else, over there are numerous ways. Permit me share through you the method I’ve obtained outstanding results sanding mine bowls. I believe I’ve regulated to find a happy medium in between efficiency and also a nice quality finished smooth last surface.

Bowl Sanding Tools

Turning and twisting your wrist will place the sanding pad next in various areas to much better line up with any wood serial flow. In action four defined above, I commonly work native the external rim approximately the bowl numerous times sanding the grain until I reach the center. The active lathe sanding only takes a minute or so.

The far better your turning an abilities get, the much less sanding you will do. I offered to begin at 80 and also go come 120, 180, 220, and also then 320. Now, many of the moment I just sand 180, 220 and 320 grit. 3 grits alleviate the sanding time also further.

Don’t overcome the Center

With the lathe spinning, like in step three, perform not overcome the center line during power sanding. Stopping at the facility may seem strange in ~ first, however crossing the center line equals dual sanding.

The area sanded right before reaching the center point is the very same area ~ above the various other side that the facility point. If you cross the center and also sand on the various other side, a trough or shallow sink will begin to type around the key bottom center.

Sandpaper Grit Progression

The function of proceeding through miscellaneous sanding grits is to eliminate the scratches and also marks from the vault sandpaper grit.

The sandpaper grits have to progress in a way that is most reliable time-wise but likewise does the project of remove the ahead marks.

When ns sand, I use the “fifty-percent up” guideline. Each sandpaper grit is fifty-percent finer than the ahead grit. An example of this progression is 80, 120, 180, 220 (or 240 depending upon manufacturer), 320, 400, 600 and so on.

If you have actually mastered remove tool note tricks, climate you don’t need to start with a coarse grit. Relying on how smooth your surface is, friend may begin at 120 or 180.

I usually begin at 120 and also proceed approximately 320. That process is only four transforms of the sanding pad and also does not take lot time. If you’re beginning out, you may need to spend an ext time with 80 grit smoothing off tool marks prior to moving up v the process.

320 grit is my stopping suggest because my favourite food safe lumber bowl finish, and also other oil-based finishes require to have the ability to soak into the wood pores. Sanding smoother than 320 closes the hardwood cell pores and makes it an overwhelming for the oil complete to penetrate.

Green wood Sanding

Yes, you have the right to sand eco-friendly wood. High-quality sanding pads work-related best. If a timber is sopping wet, I will let it turn on the lathe in ~ a slow speed because that ten or fifteen minutes. Pausing a little after transforming the surface usually enables enough evaporation to do sanding much more manageable.

Here’s another reason why I have actually two different varieties of sanding pads in my bowl sanding devices arsenal. Environment-friendly wood have the right to be nasty to sandpaper. The wet fibers an unified with the tree materials can easily gum up constant sandpaper calculation it useless.

The downside through the Hurricane sandpaper pads is they don’t last lengthy on wet eco-friendly wood. Castle will cut green wood, simply not as lengthy as the Mirka brand sanding pads.

Mirka sanding pads, do of a mesh material, are straightforward to clean off, usually simply pulling them off the velcro foam pad is enough. A fast shack off and also they go earlier on all set to continue.

The fence of the Mirka pads is that mesh product will grab the irregular surface of a organic edge bowl and tear. The Hurricane Blue sanding pads being a flat and also even file material perform not grab stormy edges often and also do fine on drier woods.

So over there are numerous trade-offs between performance and also expense when it comes to sanding disks. Because that me, I discover blending the features of two different types of pads works best.

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These room the hardwood bowl sanding tools and finishing methods I usage in my bowl making process. And here is my recommended Sanding Equipment.