Do you have a narrow item of hardwood or board that you want to cut? and also you only have a circular saw to use?

Then you’ve pertained to the right place. In this article, we’ll overview you on just how to carry out this easily.

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You see, it doesn’t have to be a an overwhelming process. You could have tried it before and also failed. And also it’s perfectly normal. Using a observed on a narrow piece of wood can be rather awkward and also uncomfortable.

But v the ideal directions and also some trial-and-error, you’ll have the ability to get it appropriate eventually. Also if you have actually a very narrow item of wood, friend should have the ability to cut it with the best preparation.

We’ll carry out you through all the actions here, and also you should be able to know how to rip narrow boards through a one saw with ease.

What you will do it Need

Before we begin with the steps, here’s what you’ll require to gain the job done:

Protective gearA narrow item of lumber to cutA platform to placed the item of lumber on (long and narrow functions best)Angle or measuring tape and pencilTwo clamps for attaching

So get all of this ready prior to we acquire to work. With the best equipment, cutting small boards have to be a breeze.

How to Rip small Boards through A Circular observed – action by Step

Now, just follow these actions to obtain the task done. You will do it see, it’s less complicated than it looks at first.


5. Change The height of Blade

The next step is come make certain the elevation of the tongue is in the best place. Again, you have the right to use a sacrificial item of hardwood to determine the height.

It’s even better if you have the right to place a piece of file underneath the blade. This will help you make her decision easier.

You can determine the height of the blade when you have the working piece on the table. For this reason make certain the height of the blade you usage matches the item you’re functioning on.

Setting increase the blade prior to you begin cutting is critical for making precise cuts. Don’t sirloin this step and take it really seriously. Since this will certainly determine just how you will certainly make the cut.

Of course, you deserve to still do adjustments, later on, so try it out on a sacrificial item of wood.

6. Do The Adjustments and Let it Rip

So based on your attempt on the sacrificial item of wood, that time to do the last adjustments come the observed you’re using. Adjust the height finally.

Now that time to begin cutting. As soon as you have actually the observed in the ideal place, you deserve to start cutting.

Make sure the witnessed is locked right into place nicely so the it no move about too much. And additionally make certain to wear security gear before you start cutting.

You deserve to stop the blade and also make little cuts at very first to check out that everything’s going together it should be.

This action is crucial to do adjustments. You can start with a very little cut at very first and then let that rip fully once you’re satisfied.

Move the piece of lumber closer to you when you’re happy v the alignment. Proceed this procedure until you cut the lumber completely.

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Tips and also Tricks for Cutting The Board

Here space some tips and tricks you can follow to protect against some that the most usual mistakes even skilled woodworkers make.

Make certain you for sure the workpiece and also use the clamps before you begin cutting. This will aid you keep the piece of hardwood in place in order to make precise cuts.If you use guides, climate you have to secure castle in place, too. You don’t want them moving around as girlfriend cut.

Final Thoughts

Cutting small boards is not always the most basic task. If you have a table saw, this procedure is a bit more comfortable.

But if you want to usage a one saw, you’ll need to be quite precise in her work.

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That’s what ready is crucial here. You’ll want to make sure everything’s in place before you begin making the cut. Friend can always make adjustments later on on.