Avast Antivirus is one antivirus program that have the right to efficiently defend your computer from gift damaged through virus or malware. Suspicious files or apps would be quarantined and also be removed to a particular place dubbed Virus Chest by Avast Antivirus. However, occasionally Avast Antivirus might detect and also block some of your records or programs as a virus return you understand that they are 100% safe, i beg your pardon is referred to as false hopeful detection.

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When false confident detection happens, you can go come Virus Chest to recuperate your files, yet according to part users" reports, they obtained "Whoops error occurred, this document can"t be restored" and also failed to gain back their documents removed by Avast Antivirus. Is there any solution to attend to this error? absolutely yes. Here I"m gonna present you numerous tips to solve Virus Chest not restoring files.

1. Access Virus Chest from device Tray

There room two methods to accessibility Virus Chest. The an initial one is really simple: right-click the Avast Virus symbol from the system tray in the bottom right edge and choose Virus Chest native the alternatives menu.


The second way to obtain into Virus Chest: open Avast Antivirus" user interface > click security on the left food selection > Click Virus Chest on the ideal box.


Some individuals have uncovered that castle cannot recover the deleted records when they access Virus Chest in a second way, but when they open up Virus Chest in a very first way, the is, from the device tray, they space able to gain back their records normally. So girlfriend can shot different methods to open up Virus Chest and see whether you deserve to recover her files.

2. Close and then reopen the Virus Chest

Sometimes a straightforward reopening that the Virus Chest will certainly unexpectedly deal with the restoring issue. Just close the Virus Chest and also open it again, and check if your documents in Virus Chest deserve to be recovered now.

3. Fix Avast Antivirus

Another guideline that might assist is to fix Avast Antivirus. Execute the adhering to steps and then inspect if the concern persists.

Step 1: kind Control panel in the search box in the taskbar, and launch control Panel.


Step 2: In regulate Panel, go to programs > uninstall a program.Step 3: discover Avast Antivirus, pick it very first and then click repair.


4. Clean install Avast Antivirus

If the over solutions perform not work, perhaps there is other wrong with Avast Antivirus on her computer. Try to clean install Avast Antivirus again. To execute that, first, you must uninstall it completely from her computer.

Step 1: Open regulate Panel, walk to programs > Uninstall a program.Step 2: choose Avast Antivirus and click Uninstall.Step 3: run the Uninstall Utility and also accept the reboot come safe mode to eliminate the remainder that files and registry entries.Step 4: Restart your computer and reinstall Avast Antivirus again.

5. Report a False positive to Avast

If you cannot regain your files due to false confident detection after reinstalling Avast Antivirus, possibly the difficulty exists in the application itself. In this case, shot reporting a false optimistic to Avast. There room two ways for friend to do this.

Open the Virus Chest. Right-click the record you want to recover and click send to danger Lab.

After girlfriend report the false positive, just wait for a an answer from Avast and see what advice castle will offer you.

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After you have actually tried this 5 methods, basically you will be able to restore your documents from Virus Chest. If friend still have actually questions, call us or write your comments below, we will perform our best to aid you.