Have you ever been disappointed v the activity you take it on a video clip game? I understand you wished for a time maker at that moment. If you are a Clash of Clans addict, then i have got the time machine. Today, you space going to read exactly how to restart Clash the Clans game and also be better. In instance you are an individual that desperately checked the official papers for a means to restart clash the clans again, you might find a directly NO.

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But here, you room going to find out the real methods of resetting the addictive game. Below you will uncover three various ways to reset COC video game as every your device (for both iOS & Android). You can click on below link to directly jump to that method.

1. Reset Clash of Clans on iphone phone using manufacturing facility reset

2. Reset COC on iphone without restore

3. Reset COC top top Android phone

How to Restart Clash of Clans Easily?


In this tutorial, friend will find out the efficient methods come reset the game on iDevices and Android gadgets as well.

How come Reset Clash that Clans ~ above iOS without Jailbreak?

So first, we room going to discover the method of restarting the Clash the Clans ~ above iOS. Ns have acquired two various methods right here for the exact same purpose.

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Method 1: Restarting Clash of Clans utilizing a factory Reset

Follow the actions given below for the successful restarting of Clash that Clans. If you desire to preserve any type of data, make sure you have actually a ideal backup.

Step 1: Pickup her iOS maker and access the Settings. Girlfriend can discover the gear icon of setups on the homepage among other app icons.

Step 2: You have actually to select General native the result menu. Reset should be your choose from the upcoming list of options.

Step 3: as we are doing the reset to delete every the data, friend must pick Erase every Content and Settings, which would certainly be the second item on the screen from the top.


Step 4: Then, you will get a little popup-like screen, and there you must tap on the red Erase iphone option.


The procedure will take a couple of minutes to reset your device completely and carry it earlier to the brand new scenario. As soon as you finish up the procedure correctly, the iOS Setup Assistant will certainly be presented at the very first startup after ~ the reset.

Step 5: currently that you have actually a new iPhone, and also it’s time to produce a brand-new Game center ID now. Nothing forget come download CoC almost everywhere again. Obviously, you deserve to see that you should start the game from the beginning. (A popup will appear asking whether you need to fill the old town or not. Girlfriend should select Cancel in ~ this step)


So, now you know exactly how to restart Clash of Clans v one device. As this one requires maker reset, some peeps desire the process of restarting CoC without manufacturing facility reset. That’s specifically what you space going to read next.

Method 2: exactly how to Reset Clash of Clans town without Restore

In this section, you room will recognize the resetting process of Clash of Clans there is no the maker restore. But you require two devices here. One v your old CoC game and also the following one without the game installed ever.

Step 1: choose up the maker with no Clash the Clans on it. You must make sure that this an equipment has a brand-new Game center ID that defers from the one you usage for consistent gaming.

Step 2: together you don’t have CoC top top this device, it need to be downloaded. Simply do it and also stay patient if you have a slow internet connection.

Step 3: once the application installation is finished, you need to finish the tutorial since the gameplay will certainly start just after the same.

Step 4: that time to take the iDevice with old CoC village on it. You must sign the end of the Game center account there.

Step 5: now you have actually a new Game facility account the you developed on the various other phone. Just sign in back to it using the brand-new login details. If girlfriend don’t desire Clash the Clans top top the brand-new one, you have to log out of it.

That’s all. Friend learned just how to restart Clash that Clans on iOS.

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Method 3: how to Restart Clash that Clans because that Android?

As Clash that Clans walk not support restarting officially, you should take a hard step here. Girlfriend must have actually a brand-new Google account to reset the game.

Step 1: Visit plus.google.com and start a brand-new account. It might take a if to finish the whole procedures like form filling and also phone verification etc.

Step 2: as soon as you create a brand-new G+ account, girlfriend can transition the emphasis to your Android device. Visit settings >> App.


Step 3: You deserve to see the entirety list the apps installed on your device. Search for Clash that Clans there. Nothing forget to tap on it as well.

Step 4: Tapping on the will disclose some details around the app like size, cache, storage location, etc. Friend will view a button named clean Data there. Use it to erase all the data that CoC on your gadget.

Step 5: Now, go earlier to the main Settings user interface and access Accounts. You can add, eliminate or control to sync here.


Step 6: You require to include the newly produced Google account here. Nothing forget to enter the appropriate credentials for the perfect of the process. If your device supports default account selection, choose the new one.

Step 7: open Clash of Clans again and also choose the brand-new account in Google Play games (if you made decision default account, this could not be necessary).

That’s all. You have the right to see the game beginning all the way from the beginning.

Wrapping Up

I have given you the ways to reset Clash of Clans video game on both Android and iOS together well. It’s totally up to you i m sorry one you have to go with. If girlfriend encounter any issue v the processes mutual above, you can let me know around the same. I will be an ext than happy to assist you out. Don’t forget come follow official social media handle of Dreamy Tricks.

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In instance you know any kind of easier method than the three pointed out here, you are totally free to re-publishing the very same with me and also my audience using the comment section down below.