Your Samsung washer can display numerous different error codes. No matter what the error code, girlfriend can try to reset the Samsung washer come erase, clear, or remove the error password by merely removing power to the washer. This can reset the main manage board or whichever washer component the is causing the error code to appear. At time an error password is not truly one error, it might be just a “glitch” that has actually randomly appeared. Due to the fact that of this, resetting the washer by removing power is the first thing to do.

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Samsung washing device – 4e common error code

The many Samsung Washing an equipment error password can encompass dL, dS, d5, FL, Hr, LO, 5E, SE, 4E, ND, NF, dE, UE, DC, 3E, bE, LE, HE, tE, IE, CE, OE, etc…Find the end what all these error codes mean here… Samsung Washing device Error error Codes.

Here is a perform of part Samsung Washer Error/Fault Codes

Samsung Error code DC way you have an unbalanced load. Move the clothing roughly to it is in sure apparel is no in one area. Spread it out and test to clean DC error code.

For an example, the Samsung Washer OE error code means the washer has actually detected one overfill situation. This may mean the water inlet valve is faulty or the water level sensor is faulty. Troubleshooting is required for some error codes.

Other Samsung washer error codes simply need the door to it is in shut, the door switch changed, the water inlet valve replaced, or the drain pump filter to be cleared and also or cleaned, etc…

Samsung Washer drainpipe Debris Filter – Drain Pump Filter


How to know Samsung Error Codes

Another example is the LE error code which means a Water leak error, it method the washer has extreme SUDS or perhaps a faulty water level switch.

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Other common error codes deserve to be clearing by pushing the Start-Pause button or through removing strength to the washer. See below…

Samsung Washing an equipment Control dashboard – start PAUSE BUTTON

Other Samsung error codes that can be reset by removing the power can incorporate water heater issues, water press issues, abnormal water temperature issues, engine restriction issues, and also over existing errors.

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