I have to replace part rotted sill key on my 1950’s single story home. There is a piece about 8′ long that is under a in salt joist the runs parallel come the floor joists, so i am not sure how to jack that up. I have actually replaced a much shorter piece wherein the floor joists ran perpendicular so the was fairly easy come lift. The exterior is brick so i can’t acquire to it from the outside, just through the crawlspace.

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Should I try and jack the subfloor (1×6 planks)? This seems prefer it can work however makes me uncomfortable.

Another choice I am considering is removed the soffit/porch ceiling top top the external of this wall which would reveal the top 10 in. Or so. Then ns could attach a 2×6 across the studs and jack native the outside (not sure how I’d safely use the bottle jacks I have actually at an edge though)

I’m also afraid that at some point I’ll discover some in salt joist that demands to be changed as well, which seems choose it would be also harder come replace…




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