How does Payday 2 play?

That"s pretty much up to you yes, really! At source level it"s a first-person shooter, yet given the sheer variety of options at her disposal, you can method each heist in every little thing fashion you fancy.

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Sure, you deserve to go in all guns blazing and also walk out with all of the prey if you"re organised, however you can also sneak in. Over there are five skill trees you can construct to customise your character come suit her play style.

But regardless of just how you method your play, one thing stays consistent: the you"re robbing banks.

What space the various play formats in Payday 2?

There room five different skill tree in Payday 2, and each the them sell a completely different pat style. Within each skill tree, there space a bunch of other skill trees too, so you can further specialise in a specific area.

These ability trees room Mastermind, Enforcer, Technician, Ghost, and Fugitive.

So carry out I just do the exact same heist over and also over?

That would be a little boring, wouldn"t it. Thankfully, the developer have added a bunch of features to assist keep things interesting.


For a start, you more than likely won"t recognize who you"re playing through each time, or what your intentions are. You have the right to play with complete strangers and try your heist together, however bear in mind the you have the right to kill every other. That way you might get to the finish of a heist and have one team member blow all of the rather away, to run off with all of the cash.

That might sound irritating, but it can lead to some an extremely interesting outcomes and helps keep the endure fresh.

Each heist also has a arbitrarily layout, so friend can"t walk in with a strategy that functions every time and also exploit it. Random events will even chop up too, forcing you to react. This means you can"t ever really obtain too comfortable.

How walk multiplayer occupational in Payday 2?

You accessibility multiplayer by the aptly titled CRIME.NET. This is basically an in-game online business that offers a perform of "contracts" v various different settings. You deserve to tweak these you yourself by producing your own contract, or just risk it and also play with another"s.


Can ns play v friends in Payday 2?

Of course! What kind of move multiplayer game wouldn"t let friend play v your friends?! You deserve to either invite them into another player"s lobby, or create your own and also invite lock in that. 

If girlfriend don"t have sufficient to make up the four forced for a heist, friend can additionally open up your contract to various other players.

Is there a single-player project or one offline mode?

There"s no single-player campaign, however there is a story the links all of the heists - and also its cast - together, but you have the right to play any of its missions in any type of order friend please. There"s also an offline variation of CRIME.NET, so you tackle every the game"s heists on your own with a formation of AI-controlled teammates. 

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I"ve currently played Payday 2, is there anything new in the move version?

Not an dreadful lot come be ethical – at the very least not to justify a 2nd purchase if you"ve play the initial to death. Here"s every one of the new stuff in cartridge points:

A new character, Joy, complete with her own mask and also weapons (she"s a timed exclusive).Local multiplayer, for this reason you deserve to all pat on your very own Switch on the very same network.Full touch display menu support.Support because that HD Rumble. This adds much more impact to your weapon fire and grenades.

Of course, there is the included bonus of it gift playable on a handheld device for the an initial time ever. If you"re addicted to Payday 2, you deserve to now lug it with you everywhere.


How lot does Payday 2 price on Nintendo Switch?

Payday 2 will price £44.99 or $49.99 in the eShop, and also the exact same price for the physics version. Prices may vary between retailers though, for the physical version.

Are any amiibo sustained in Payday 2?

At the moment of press, it shows up that Payday 2 doesn"t support any amiibo functionality. That gift said, considering the slim amount of customisation involved, us wouldn"t it is in surprised if that readjusted post launch. 

Are motion controls supported in the Switch variation of Payday 2?

Sadly not! At the very least not at launch.


How much storage room will I need on my Switch for Payday 2?

Payday 2 bring away up 10507.78 MB specifically, or 10.5 GB for the laymen.

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When is Payday 2 the end on Nintendo Switch?

Very soon! Payday 2 will certainly launch ~ above 23rd February in the EU, and 27th February in north America.