Have you checked out your favorite tiktok creators flaunting your cute ‘Shawty’ passes? this informal ID’s room all the rage best now, through the trend also extending past the boundaries of TikTok.

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If you want to learn just how to make your very own Shawty passes for you and your friends, climate this article is because that you. Below is every you must know around Shawty passes and also how to make them.

What is a Shawty Pass?

A new trend of TikTok mirrors creators collaborating with other creators, and also showing turn off these lamented id cards. If Shawty passes are far from any type of official form of identification, they room a fun and cute method to surprise your friends.

Shawty passes have basic information choose your name, DOB, age, hair color, etc; basically any type of information the you would like others to know.

The best part is you have the right to customize them just the way you want to. Over there is no right means to execute it!

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How to do Shawty pass on Tiktok

Making a Shawty Pass simply takes a couple of minutes. As mentioned above, there really is no one method to do these passes. So here is a basic guide to making a Shawty Pass, but feel free to go crazy and also customize her pass simply the means like it!

Create your background

The first thing you desire to carry out is to select your background. You deserve to use various backgrounds for each Shawty Pass the you make. If you’re in search of cool backgrounds, check out our web links below.

Once you have your background, you’ll require the PicsArt application (Android | iOS) on her phone. Beginning the app and also select your downloaded image. Currently tap on tools > Crop and also select 3:2. You should switch this about for portrait mode, therefore tap 3:2 again, to switch it come 2:3. Insanity the mite in the top right edge to apply the changes.


Next, you want to make her corners rounded because that a much better effect. To perform this walk to devices > shape crop, and also select the square option. Traction the corners come the finish of your display (maximum) to produce a rounded rectangle. Tap following > Save.


Tip: shot out PicsArt stickers to add some cool barcodes to her Shawty Pass.

Add her text

Now that you’re all set up v your background, it’s time to add in the text. For that, you require an app called Phonto (Android | iOS). Beginning the app and select the background that you were functioning on. To include text, merely tap the Pen device in the optimal right corner. Phonto allows you customize every facet of your text. Go ahead and also play around with shadows, strokes, and other attributes on the app.


You desire to make your header stand out at the height of the pass. Friend can add details favor DOB, occupation, height, favourite color, etc. Towards the bottom. Once you are done, conserve your photo to her gallery.


Tip: If you setup on including a photo, make certain you leaving enough an are between the header and the details.

Add her photo

Now that time to include your photograph to your Shawty Pass. Open up your edited image in PicsArt as soon as more, and also select ‘Add photo’ native the bottom panel. You will certainly be required to your gallery wherein you can pick which picture you would choose to add.


Tip: Try playing roughly with shadows and borders, to give your picture a nicer feel.

Once you room done, conserve the pass to your Gallery.

Print your Shawty Pass

Your Shawty happen is currently complete! Well, kind of. Send her pass come your computer (email, Bluetooth, USB), and insert it into a Microsoft native document. If you room making multiple passes, use this Word paper to line them all up.

Go ahead and print out your pass, reduced it out, and also laminate it!

Tip: For added flair, include your Snapcode to the earlier of your Shawty Pass. Merely take a screenshot of her Snapcode native the Snapchat app, send that to your PC, and also print the out with your pass.

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Shawty pass backgrounds

Here are some links to cool backgrounds you deserve to use for your Shawty passes. Make certain you download the photo to your device so the you have the right to upload it right into the corresponding apps. You additionally want come make certain your elevator isn’t too complicated. This could reason your message to it is in illegible.

Best Shawty pass videos ~ above TikTok

If you’re looking for catalyst to make your very own Shawty passes, below are some principles to check out. Don’t forget come tag your video with the #shawtypass once you share your creation on TikTok!


my friends obtained a suprise in the mail now KeepingItCute #HiddenTalents #trending #foryoupage #fyp #shawty #shawtypass

♬ shawty check – canned.gravy


currently my favorite thing #TheHighNote #homeworkout #mywayorthehighway #shawtypass #fyp

♬ shawty check – canned.gravy


passes have actually been mailed to my shawties #shawtypass #maincharacter #xyzbca #mywayorthehighway #fyp #ReplyToComments

♬ shawty inspect – canned.gravy


Shawty passes!! SpaceForceWalk #dribbletothebeat Walmart2hrExpress #HomeTour #fyp #xyzbca #shawtypass #shawtycheck

♬ shawty inspect – canned.gravy


this was v funny to do #shawtypass #fyp #foryou

♬ shawty check – canned.gravy

Well, that’s every there is to it! Shawty passes room a fun way to surprise your friends. Simply send them out in the mail, and wait for their reaction! have you do the efforts making yours yet?