Weed smokers are a clever bunch. We’ve figured out how to turn just about anything into a makeshift pipe. Here are two simple ways to make a banana pipe.

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If you are ever in a pinch and you don’t have anything to smoke weed out of, don’t worry. All you need is a piece of fruit. Clever cannabis smokers have figured out how to turn just about anything into a makeshift pipe. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make a banana pipe. We’ll give you two different techniques for turning a banana into a usable pipe.

Make A Banana Pipe Method 1: Poke Holes


To make a banana pipe using this first method, all you’ll need is a ripe banana and a pen. Before doing anything else, remove the ink and everything else from inside the pen. You just want the plastic body of the pen, since you’ll be using this to poke holes into the banana.

Once you’ve got your pen all ready to go, it’s time to start transforming your banana into a pipe. Hold the banana vertically, so that the long stem is on top. Poke your pen into the banana, about an inch or so below the banana’s stem. Press the pen through the very center of the banana so that it makes a long tunnel through the middle of the fruit.

Important Note: Do not press the pen all the way through the banana. If you do, you’ll ruin your pipe. You are making the chamber through which all that THC-rich weed smoke will eventually travel from the bowl into your lungs. Think of it like carving a one-way tunnel for your smoke and don’t poke the pen all the way through the banana.

When you’ve made a passageway that extends the length of roughly half the banana, pull the pen back out. Now, rotate the banana and hold it horizontally. Estimate where you think the end of the tunnel is that you just carved. Carefully poke the pen straight down until it meets up with that tunnel.

Finishing Touches


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At this point, you’ve constructed a rudimentary pipe. The first hole you made is the mouthpiece and the second one is the bowl. The tunnel inside the core of the banana is the chamber—if you do it right the smoke will travel through the chamber and into your mouth at the other end of the fruit.

For the final touch, use your finger to enlarge the second hole. Widen it and mold it into a nice bowl shape. Now use a grinder to grind your favorite strain and pack it into the bowl. Place your lips over the mouthpiece. Use a lighter or hemp wick to spark up the bud and pull all the smoke through the fruit and into your lungs.

Make A Banana Pipe Method 2: Use A Separate Bowl Piece


This second method to make a banana pipe is a bit more involved, but the final product is amazing. You should definitely give it a shot at some point. For this one, you will once again need a ripe banana and a hollowed-out pen. Additionally, you will also need a sharp knife.

To get things started, cut off the end of the banana opposite the long stem. Give yourself an inch or so of fruit. Now cut off the very end of this separate banana chunk. Carefully clean out all the banana and set the hollowed-out peel aside. This will eventually be the bowl into which you pack all your bud.

This separate bowl piece is what makes this technique to make a banana pipe different from the first one. It’s also what gives it that wow factor. When you put the bowl piece into place and pack it up, your banana pipe will look professional AF.

Finish Making The Pipe


credit: vice.com

OK, back to the pipe making. Use your pen to carve out a tunnel that extends from the exposed end of the banana (the part you just cut off) and into the center of the fruit. This will serve as your chamber and mouthpiece.

Next, rotate the banana and hold it horizontally. Use the pen to make a new hole that intersects with the tunnel you just made. This new hole is where you’ll attach your separate bowl piece.

Take your knife and use it to expand this second hole. Widen it and cut away enough peel so you can press the bowl piece down into it. Shoot for a fit that’s snug enough to hold the bowl in place. You don’t want it sitting in the banana so loosely that it wobbles all over the place and spills your herb.

With the bowl piece in place, grind up your favorite strain and pack it into the bowl. Hold the banana horizontally and put your lips around the mouthpiece on the cut end of the fruit. Spark up and pull the smoke through the chamber and into your lungs.

Take It To The Next Level


Here are two easy suggestions that will help you take this entire project to the next level. For starters, pop your banana pipe into the freezer for about thirty minutes before using it. When you take it out of the freezer, blow through it to be sure the passageways are all clear and open. You don’t want anything obstructing the flow of smoke. The cold fruit will help cool down the smoke, giving you super smooth and tasty hits.

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Similarly, try pairing your herb with the natural smells and tastes of the banana. We suggest going with a strain that already has a fruity terpene profile. Citrus strains are especially good. Try strains like Tangie, Mango Kush, Lemon Haze, and Lemon Kush. It will be like puffing a full-on fruit salad.