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i hate paragraphs for this reason much..ugh..what to say what to say..hmm..hey look at at the my complain filled increase the paragraph :D almost... Ugh still much more 2 write... Wait?!? done!! lolz

another paragraph?!? R U serios?!? ugh..hmm.. Are YOU a genius? carry out you have actually the brainpower to qualafy for the prestigious title? until currently you can only wonder... Lolz

Created by: rotfl

What is her age? Under 18 year Old 18 to 24 year Old 25 come 30 year Old 31 come 40 years Old 41 come 50 year Old 51 to 60 years Old over 60 year OldWhat is her gender? masculine Femalehas he provided you his phone number? correct :D no, yet i think he"s planning to... No :( the doesnt have actually a cell phone ns dont have a cell phone neither that us have cell phonesdoes he stare at you? yes! i capture him staring at me all the time! yes! climate he looks away once i look back at him... Sometimes... Really rarely... Its like i dont exsist! :( 1 and 2r u fat? (no offense) actully, i"m yes, really skinny O_o (me: climate eat a cupcake or something, most boys dont like girls that room so skinny the they"re bony) nope! i"m perfectly in shape! :D i"m a small curvy... Yeah... I"m fat... :( i"m an extremely fat... (me: aww too bad)does he shot to do you laugh yes! thats the only means he flirts! (me: probably he"s to shy come comploment you?) yes! every the time! a same amount. not a lot. NEVER!if you ever before complomented him, would certainly would that do? he would certainly comploment me ago :D he would certainly say how he did it *exzample* (if you complomented on his hair the would describe in 5 or 10 words) that would overlook me :( 1 and also 2when you males talk, what go he perform while talking? that listens... That does other random, favor says: "woop!" (he"s make the efforts to do you laugh) the ignores me :( 1 and also 2has he ever dated anyone? yes, and also they"re still dating :( yes no, i want to be his perfect very first date :D no ns dont knowwhere do you get to view him? college YMCA 1 and also 2 other...

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how walk you choose this quiz? (no effect) it was ok... IT sucked F**K girlfriend it was awesome i was nice good... I dont know, if i prefer my anwser... No that good...will you comment and also rate? (no effect yes i will just comment i will only rate no ns would however i dont have an account :(

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