You"ll require plenty of ore because that crafting in Starbound, so inspect out this farming overview to find out wherein to uncover each form of ore.

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Starbound Ore
In the huge universe of Starbound, there are several species of ore obtainable to aid you progression in the game. If you want to come to be stronger and also spread your power through the universe, friend will need to obtain your hands on this ore.

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over there is a most ore, which can be used to handmade pretty much every items in the game. It's essential to understand where the ore is, so you will always be prepared. In this guide, we are going to walk over every ore, as well as how to uncover it. First, let's take it a look at just how to mine the ore that you room looking for.

just how To Mine Ore

player standing underground near copper and tungsten ores in wall
A wide range of ore is accessible on every planet. together with any kind of other block in the game, you can use your matter Manipulator to gather the ore. come mine, just hover over the ore and left-click. If you upgrade your issue Manipulator, girlfriend will be able to mine more ore at a time.

Ore deserve to be found the depths you walk underground on a planet. You will not find that lot ore ~ above the surface, so try exploring secret caverns.

player connecting with atom furnace
There space 3 varieties of furnaces; primitive, industrial, and also atomic. Overall, you space aiming to make the atom furnace. This will have the ability to refine all ore types.

Below, you can examine out the furnaces, as well as building materials and what ore they will certainly refine.

Furnace TypeMaterials to BuildOre Smelted
Primitive Furnace20 Cobblestone4 Mud1 CampfireAll basic OreTungsten
Industrial Furnace7 Tungsten Bars10 Coal5 GlassTitaniumDurasteel
Atomic Furnace10 Volatile Powder7 Durasteel Bars2 gold Bars20 GlassAll Refinable Ores

Each heater is basically an upgrade. For example, once you upgrade to the industrial furnace, you will still be able to refine simple ores.

navigation panel through low risk level planet via spire/Steam
The ores in this overview will be found on a variety of planets, identified by their hazard level. Here is a fast overview of planet threat levels.

Threat LevelPlanets
LowAncient GatewayAsteroid FieldGarden

as planets become much more dangerous, there will be brand-new types that ore. Next, let's take it a look in ~ the basic ores.

player standing near silver ore in underground desert cavern
Basic ores have the right to be uncovered on every earth (except barren planets and also moons). The danger level the a earth will not affect where this ores are. Additionally, girlfriend will have the ability to find them every within Asteroid Fields. Let's take it a look at at each ore.


This will more than likely be the very first ore the you will certainly encounter. Although that is simple, copper bars are required in countless recipes, including the teleportation flag, which allows you to conveniently visit planets the you have bookmarked.


silver- bars are used mostly to craft different furniture. This is vital ore to have actually handy as soon as you are creating your delivery or a colony.


The last simple ore we have is gold. Yellow isn't used in that plenty of recipes, and also cannot be made into weapons or armor. This ore will come in handy as soon as crafting batteries, i m sorry are vital for numerous late-game advancements, consisting of the Cooling EPP, which enables you to visit Fiery Planets.

special ores space not discovered on every planet and also are offered to develop more facility items, consisting of armor and also weapons.

Iron Ore

Found On: middle Level Planets, Garden Planets

Iron have the right to be a bit tricky come find. Although it isn't rare, the only shows up in small groups. This ore will certainly be an ext common the deeper girlfriend dig. If friend can't discover iron, shot digging furthermore down into the planet.

Tungsten Ore

Found On: Moderate Level Planets

If you room looking to construct a futuristic themed ship or colony, climate tungsten is an essential ore. You will usage tungsten for several pressurized items, consisting of airlocks and also platforms. Many lunar-themed recipes will also require tungsten bars.

Titanium Ore

Found On: Risky or dangerous Level Planets

Titanium is greatly used for making weapons and also armor. Additionally, this is an essential ore for simple mech parts. If you are interested in upgrading her mech because that the very first time, shot to have actually a the majority of titanium. The Astro Mech Boosters will call for 10 bars, so you should constantly be top top the lookout for titanium.

Durasteel Ore

Found On: danger or extreme Level Planets

transparent the game, girlfriend will have the ability to upgrade various workstations. This will take a selection of materials, consisting of durasteel. Durasteel bars are essential to upgrade several stations, in enhancement to various other items. This ore has a distinct oblong shape, with a blue tint.

Aegisalt Ore

Found On: excessive or Inconceivable Level Planets when processed at a furnace, aegisalt ore will become refined aegisalt. This is a eco-friendly cube supplied in a variety of rare weapons and also armor. It is also used in the Accelerator Addon, i m sorry is an update for your replicator that can craft additional long-ranged equipment. The ore has small green orbs attached come it and is the just ore that this color.

Ferozium Ore

Found On: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

This ore is used to produce rare racial armor. Racial armor is armor the is details to your character's race.

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because that example, girlfriend will require 6 refined ferozium to craft the Reef Helm. This is part of the Reef armor set for the Hylotl race.

Violium Ore

Found On: too much or Inconceivable Level Planets

similar to ferozium, sleek violium is provided for gyeongju armor and also weapons. The ore is grey through purple veins running v it. When refined, it becomes a violet orb. A many the tools that requires refined violium is purple together well.

Solarium Ore

Found On: Extreme or Inconceivable Level Planets

This is the highest quality ore in the game and also is offered to create the greatest tier that armor and weapons. If you room looking to make legendary equipment, climate you will need this. The ore is shaped like a yellow star, and also when processed, it becomes a Solarium Star.

In enhancement to the ores above, you will also find ores that cannot be refined. Inspect out a rapid list of these ores below.

Coal: Found top top every planet, supplied to craft basic materials Prism Shards: uncovered in mini Prism Biome, supplied to handmade prism furniture

That's all there is to know about ore in Starbound. When you have found each type of ore, friend will be able to craft anything friend want. After gathering enough materials, check out our overview on exactly how to upgrade her ship. As soon as your ship is upgraded, begin decorating with objects crafted from ore you have actually found!

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