PUBG players could be feeling a little exposed when an initial jumping into the long-running battle royale title. Here"s just how to gain some clothes.

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PUBG Season 12 is quickly creeping increase on us - which method fresh brand-new gear to it is in earned.

Of course, if you"re new to the video game you"ll be happy with any kind of kind of garments – due to the fact that PUBG doesn"t actually sell you a good deal come wear (outside that underwear) once you an initial begin playing.

Here"s just how to defend your modesty.

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How come Find clothes In PUBG Mobile

There are a few ways come earn clothing in PUBG Mobile. Here are your options:

1. Buy Soldier Crates

Earning BP (Battle Points) in-game will allow you acquisition Soldier Crates in the store. It"s not the most amazing of gear, yet it"s still much better than running approximately in her pants.

2. Day-to-day Missions and Battle Pass

Visible on the main menu are day-to-day Missions, like scoring a variety of kills or making the a certain method into a game. These typically reward part cosmetic items. You can likewise log right into the game over the food of a week to earn part bonuses.

These will certainly also help you development your battle Pass, which additionally offers cosmetic items.

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3. Spend real money

If her hunger for Chicken Dinner is matched only by her wallet, feel cost-free to covering out for some of the game"s best gear. A reminder that it"s all cosmetic only, so you won"t get any type of gameplay advantages, no matter exactly how much girlfriend spend.

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