What"s this game all about?

The Legend of Pirates online is a massively multiplayer online function playing game (MMORPG) constructed for football player of every ages. Live the life the a Pirate battling fierce enemies, plundering ships on the huge High Seas, and also defend the Caribbean indigenous the nefarious Undead Pirate, Jolly Roger!Above you will find one that our latest YouTube videos - the record the Chest development reveal trailer! We plan on creating a video game overview trailer in the future.

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First Time Aboard?

Before girlfriend enter, you should understand that The Legend that Pirates online is a fan-made resurgence of Disney"s Pirates Online, created using publicly accessible downloads and also information made freely easily accessible to the basic public.

The best component of all? The Legend that Pirates virtual is entirely FREE!

Are girlfriend a parent?

Take a gander at the Parent"s Cove for a detailed summary of our game and also its safety and security features.

Just one much more thing...

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Posted by The Crew on Sept. 1, 2017, 2 p.m.


Ahoy, everyone!

We're pretty sure you've already read the location of this post, however we'll say it again anyway! The Legend of Pirates digital is entering open Beta top top September 19th! room you excited? due to the fact that we're excited! No more Beta Keys! No an ext time limits! just you, your crew, and also endless adventure!

This has actually been a lengthy time coming! We've do so many steps to acquire to this point. We began with our Closed Alpha in September that 2015 and received an tremendous response! In June 2016, we decided to open up our gates to much more players with our Semi-Open Alpha launch. V PlayTimes, everyone could accessibility the game, also if castle didn't have a key.

Then, in December 2016, we introduced Semi-Open Beta with loads of new features! After such a success, things began to really pick up heavy steam this year. This previous May, we released our second phase of beta, totally overhauling our backend code and including tons of new features! In June, we eliminated PlayTimes and also introduced the Queue!

We've do so much progress to gain here, and we're dazzling to open the game up to an even wider audience! The Caribbean is about to acquire so much bigger! We will certainly be including a bunch of new servers as soon as we go live. You might even see some familiar names coming back.

But we're not done! There's tho so much to do! We have so numerous amazing things planned because that the game, native the extremely requested Raven's Cove Story Quest to part brand new unannounced original content that you need to be listening about very soon... Oh, and also don't friend worry! We're working tough to settle all the pesky bugs, as always!

Stay tuned, mates! us can't wait come embark on the following stage of ours journey v you every -- we recognize you're going to love it! There's simply one question left we require you to answer... 'Are you ready' come Relive the Legend?!

The Crew
The Legend that Pirates Online

Open Beta FAQs

Q: What will take place to my Beta Key?

A: friend won't it is in needing the anymore! Previously, Beta Keys enabled players to bypass the queue and session time limits. With open up Beta, every players will certainly have countless playtime! football player who had actually Beta secrets will receive a price that will be announced later. Don't worry! If friend don't have a key, there will certainly be a duration of time to redeem any kind of unused Beta tricks we may have actually laying around.

Q: What will happen to the 3-hour time limit?

A: It'll it is in gone! players who previously did not have actually Beta secrets will no longer be logged the end after 3 hours. Lock will have the ability to play as long as they want without any interruptions!

Q: What will take place to the Queue?

A: The Queue will certainly still it is in present, however rarely used. To ensure the the servers space not overloaded, players may have to wait in the Queue if there is high traffic in-game. This is the industry standard. Countless games, specifically when opening approximately a big audience, will usage queues come ensure whatever runs smoothly. If the Queue ever before pops up, Beta key holders will certainly no longer be able to skip it. Everyone will certainly be on an equal play field.

Q:Will mine pirates be wiped? will we need to start over?

A: Nope! all pirates will continue to be intact. Once Open Beta launches, you need to see no result on your pirate's progress.

Q:Does this mean that the video game is complete?

A: No, yet we're acquiring there! There are still numerous bugs that require fixing and also a few more functions that need to be included back come the game. But we're all set to take the following step and also open our doors come everyone.

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Q: How space the servers walk to take care of it?

A: We space going to it is in updating our servers come a brand new design to far better serve our farming population. We designed this new infrastructure with a massive populace in mind and also expect it to be a hard design perfect for the following upcoming years. One major change is the introduction of 8 brand-new oceans.