This inquiry was already asked and also answered for Titanfall 1, but I wonder if over there are any type of differences for Titanfall 2.

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I just had actually this instance where i (in Ronin) meleed one more Titan who was doomed at least three times. Us were hitting each other and also then ns was doomed to and he carry out an execution top top me, i beg your pardon was really frustrating.(My Sword core was NOT caused at the moment.)

I felt choose this to be happening before, for this reason I want to ask:

Is there much more to Titan executions than meleeing a doomed Titan?

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asked Mar 21 "17 at 19:20

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For starters, I have actually seen this behavior before too and have not uncovered an quickly reproducible scenario for it. 9 times out of 10 the execution functions as expected.

There are number of points to make, back a recording would have really assisted to gain to the exact reason for the execution no to happen.

The other connected question claims that "you cannot trigger an execution native behind" i m sorry is false in Titanfall 2.

If another titan is doomed yet is ejecting (or walk nuclear) they can not be executed, although this doesn"t sound prefer what friend described.

If a titan is doomed, yet has choose up battery and also has a shield, the shield will protect against that titan from being executed.

It is possible to shock lock one more titan v melee when the other titan is relocating forward, if because of timing the various other titan punches just prior come you punching, then you will certainly be struggle back, miss out on your punch, and then relocate into another punch. If you space hit right into a wall surface and knocked earlier into the second punch, this is basically a stun lock.

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There is also a slightly buggy issue with titan executions. If you space on something and also the other titan is listed below you, for circumstances if you take place to be standing top top a auto while the various other titan is not, that is possible that the execution does not trigger for part reason. The is additionally the very same if you take place to have actually the high ground during the melee encounter. I am not certain if this is a visual pest where the strike visually bring away place but does not actually it is registered as a hit in the direction of damage, or what, however I have actually observed this in number of instances. That is definitely not continuous though.