Inspired by movie franchises and professional chauffeurs in sporting activities such together stock car racing, numerous find us tempted to speed in vain with other vehicles on the road. This practice may seem amusing, but ignoring the dangers of drag racing illegally in an unsanctioned event imperils the resides of drivers and also everyone around them, frequently leading come street racing accidents, severe injuries, and even death.

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Illegal street racing statistics show that young men between 15 and 23 years of period lead the authorized in street car races, while much more than fifty percent of all deaths space accounted come victims in between the eras of 15 and also 50 years.

According come the NHTSA, the leading reason of death among young drivers ages 16 come 20 is automotive accidents. In 2001, 87% of deaths among young people were related to speeding in illegal racing activities.

Why is Street gyeongju Dangerous? Common causes of Street racing Accidents

High speed

It is not unusual to watch drivers plainly exceeding the permitted speed border on any kind of given road. Also speeds the 10, 20, or 30 mph over the speed limit cause high accident rates, and are one of the many frequent reasons of crashes – especially in street racing.

The higher the speed of a vehicle, the more complicated and risky the is to execute a maneuver to avoid an additional car or obstruction in the road, thereby increasing the possibilities of a significant traffic collision.

Driving drunk

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the main causes of street racing accidents. Getting behind the wheel the a automobile while over the legal border of blood alcohol contents (BAC) is illegal because that a reason; the impairment effects that alcohol room well-documented in boosting the hazard of accidents among drivers, and even much more dangerous when compounded with illegal street racing.

Rain and also other weather conditions

If the weather changes, the roads change. Car crashes occur typically on merganser days, as water creates slippery and also dangerous road problems for any form of vehicle, i beg your pardon in turn can lead come cars “skidding.”

Many street racers carry out not care about “a tiny rain,” i m sorry can substantially increases the possibilities of a street race accident.

Ignoring red lights

Red method stop. This is just one of the many dangerous reasons of one accident, because running a red light at high speed and crashing frequently leads to multiple collisions, which then puts many more people at risk.

To mitigate the possibilities of gift hit in one intersection, it’s crucial to watch both ways even when draw close a green light. Few drivers affiliated in street racing mishaps pay heed to this warning, risking tragic consequences for everyone in the area.


Incidents spurred by the actions of an aggressive driver ~ above the road are common, and can cloud the judgement of also the most careful driver. Throughout an illegal street race, this state the mind deserve to be even much more dangerous, through anger and also aggressive driving chief amongst the risks of drag racing illegal in an unsanctioned event.

Common Injuries indigenous Street gyeongju Accidents

BurnsInternal bleedingOrgan damageLacerations

Serious accidents can also result in lifelong consequences, and can come to be a heavy financial burden as result of the potential surgeries, treatments, and therapies resulting from the incident.

Is drag Racing the exact same as Street Racing?

Despite the innate risks of drag racing or any other sanctioned car sport, legal traction races are organized at one authorized course with security authorities near by.

Street racing, on the other hand, wake up on public streets, and also often incorporate two amateur vehicle drivers who race at high speeds. Street racing (or illegal drag racing) is unlawful and also puts other individuals in the area in tomb danger.

How countless Deaths Are caused by Street Racing? Tragic examples of Street Racing crashes in L.A.


The film franchise “Fast & Furious” has actually been a blockbuster hit among youths due to the glamorization of control exotic cars at dangerous speeds. Unfortunately, confuse fantasy with fact can result in fatality; incidentally, in real life, Paul Walker, a protagonist the the initial film, died tragically in a high-speed accident.

In the higher Los Angeles area alone, street racing accidents resulting in fatalities have actually remained a usual occurrence. In one instance at the finish of February 2016, three civilization were killed and also four were hurt after a street race unleashed a clash in between several vehicles on Highway 5 in Commerce.

According to news reports, Dealtier Lockhart the Whittier completed in his evade Challenger with another car, as soon as one of the vehicle drivers lost control and was hit by a van from a parcel company.

The ar attorney’s office fee Lockhart, 35, with charges that second-degree murder and also other misdemeanors. If found guilty, he would invest the remainder of his life in a state prison.

In an additional incident, three people died in November 2015 in one illegal gyeongju that took location on a stretch that Malt Street, business City.

A couple of months earlier, 2 spectators died when a Mustang vehicle lost control and went into the group at Chatsworth. The driver, Karen Gary Balyan, 44, pleaded guilty in December on two charges of gross negligence, and also admitted the she fled the scene after the accident.

In so late 2014, a woman was killed in a crash that affiliated two vans participating in a sparse illegal race that reached a speed of 100 miles every hour.

Efforts to prevent Street Racing

More than 50 LAPD agents, the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Vernon Police department (VPD), and also corporations that make up the Street racing Tracking (SRT) unit, have begun an initiative to aggressively patrol any type of associated sectors after learning of illegal drag gyeongju meetings top top the roads from their knowledge work.

This initiative not only consists of fining offenders, but likewise includes a database come report repeat offenders to the California department of engine Vehicles (DMV), causing the suspension of your driver’s licenses. In addition, SRT agents space certified come inspect and fine vehicles with transformed engines and also illegal devices.

Do I require a Lawyer If i Was Injured as a Passenger or Bystander in a Street gyeongju Accident?

Anyone who helps or participates in a speed challenge violates the law and also could it is in cited. According to the regulations of the room of engine Vehicles, if you are a spectator, if girlfriend observe, or are existing in illegal auto racing games or in a place, public street, highway, or personal property wherein preparations are created such activities, you can be guilty and also cited come court.

That provides it imperative for you to get a lawyer if you space injured as a passenger or bystander.

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Seeking Compensation after ~ Injuries from a Street race Accident

In plenty of cases, those hurt or eliminated as a result of the threats of drag racing illegally are bystanders who have been connected in the incident at no error of their own. If you or a loved one have actually been injured as result of the negligence the a driver in a street race accident, law may be able to help.

The professional attorneys at regulation have more than 50 year of merged experience properly resolving cases for personal injury clients. With more than $1 billion recovered in over 10,000,000 cases across the claims of California, Arizona, and also Nevada, we’re here to help. Contact us now for a cost-free personal injury testimonial – our team is below to help!