Around this time of year, NBA 2K17 fans that play MyGM and also MyLeague might be in a bit of a dry spell. The brand-new content the releases because that NBA 2K never really affects either franchise mode.

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That"s one of the reasons I started structure the ultimate Legends roster. This is my 3rd year developing it and also I"ve increased the principle since an initial beginning the project. 2017"s variation includes an ext than 250 NBA and also ABA legends who aren"t contained in NBA 2K17, and also younger version of existing stars.

The brand-new roster was also boosted through the amazing tutorials native YouTuber and artist Tgor. He"s especially talented, and also with his assist I to be able to develop renders choose the one in the listed below trailer:

Unfortunately, the roster is only for PS4. In the past, fans have recreated it for Xbox One, however there"s no guarantee the will take place this time.

NBA 2K17: exactly how to download the ultimate Legends Roster 3


Jason Kidd in "NBA 2K17" ultimate Legends Roster 3Brian Mazique/

Finding the roster is quite simple. You have the right to search the title, which is "The ultimate Legends Roster 3," or you have the right to search for my PSN ID, i m sorry is: franchiseplay99. Then just download it.

NBA 2K17: how the football player were liked for the can be fried Legends Roster 3


Elton Brand and also Jermaine O"Neal in "NBA 2K17" ultimate Legends Roster 3Brian Mazique/

One of the roster"s missions is to to mark the 15 most an important players in every franchise"s history. To determine those players, I created the Franchise Player worth Rating. It"s a formula designed to reward separation, personal, instance accolades, statistics excellence, tenure and, that course, team success.

Here"s a fast look in ~ the ratings system, which was taken native my personal notes and also previously post on Forbes:

• years of Service: 3 points

This isn"t an accurate science, however if friend look in ~ the results, they"re in light with many fans" expectations. 

At 430.9, jamesmerse.comhael Jordan"s FPVR v the Chicago Bulls is the highest possible in basketball history. Tim Duncan has the second-highest in ~ 405.7; at 400.8, Kobe Bryant is the only other player to crack 400.

Jordan, Duncan and also Bryant spent all or many of their careers through one team, which helps since they gathered points indigenous such long tenures.

However, a great number that players show up on 2 or an ext teams due to the fact that of their excellence with various organizations. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is at the height of the list.



Gilbert Arenas ("Agent Zero") in "NBA 2K17" can be fried Legends Roster 3Brian Mazique/

The player ratings are based upon stats, YouTube analysis, digital research and an in-depth understanding of NBA 2K17"s in-game ratings system. It"s an inexact science, however that"s the case really any type of time you to compare players from various eras.

There"s no monetary gain from downloading and install the roster. It"s just end up being a job of love the blends 2 of my best passions: sports and also gaming. Hopefully, that brings some enjoyment to those that download it.

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