As in many sheet music, the measure (or "bar") is Finale"s an easy unit of horizontal organization, simply as the staff is the an easy unit of vertical organization. Understanding exactly how measures work and mastering the crucial tasks associated to procedures are amongst the fundamental starting clues for functioning in Finale.

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Adding and also removing measures

To include blank actions at the finish of the record
To include multiple procedures at once, pick Edit > Add Measures, get in the desired number of measures, and click OK (or press RETURN).
To insert blank measures in ~ a paper
choose the measure instantly following the allude of insertion.

Even if there is more than one staff, click a solitary measure. Finale adds a empty measure in every staff.

get in the desired number of measures. Click OK (or push RETURN).
To erase or remove steps
push the DELETE key, or pick Edit > Delete measure Stack. This clears the selected procedures from every staff.
To delete a measure from a single staff

When you remove a measure from the score as explained above, Finale removes the measure up in concern from every employee in the score. Making use of the following technique, however, you deserve to remove a measure from a single staff (in effect) by sliding the subsequent measures one measure up to the left.

hold down shift and press the END crucial to choose all steps to the best of the one you selected. Alternatively, girlfriend could choose Edit > Select Region, delete the number in the through Measure message box, and also click OK. (Leaving this message box empty indicates the end of the piece.) traction the an initial selected measure to the left, so that it’s superimposed top top the measure up you desire to delete. Finale asks you how countless times you desire the selected music copied. The default value, once, is what friend want.
To hide procedures

A region of procedures or partial measures can be hidden, remove the staff line, barlines, and also music. This an approach can be provided to create cutaway scores or a room before a coda system. See also Hiding staves.

Click the peak handle and drag the ideal barline of the measure in question to the right or left. You can also click within the measure up itself and drag to the right or left.

It’s useful to remember the you can readjust the family member widths of the procedures in any certain system.

select Utilities > Update Layout. traction the handle of any kind of measure come the ideal or left. As you do one measure wider, the one come its ideal becomes narrower.

You can readjust all steps in a system except the last one v this method.

If you desire to set the selected procedures to a uniform width, enter a value right into the Width text box. If you desire to add or subtract the same amount of broad in all the selected measures, enter a hopeful number (to widen) or an adverse number (to narrow) in the other text box. Click OK (or push RETURN). Be certain to choose Utilities > Update Layout (or push COMMAND+) prior to printing or viewing in page View.

Using this method, you have the right to tell Finale not to make any measure broader or narrower than a certain width. You could specify a width if, after utilizing Finale’s music spacing feature, girlfriend feel the the measures in your item that contain totality rests (or whole notes) space too small or wide and you want to readjust them every at once.

In the Minimum measure up Width and/or Maximum measure Width text boxes, go into the minimum or maximum measure broad you want to permit in the selected region, respectively.

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The units are every little thing you’ve specified under Finale > Measurement Units.