When I open Ark: Survival progressed - Mobile and tap PLAY ARK I gain asked, whether I want to continue my solitary player video game (refer to the screenshot below). I"d prefer to examine whether the save game is stored in iCloud and also if it isn"t, relocate it there in bespeak to continue on another device.

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Would this be feasible after selecting CANCEL or will certainly the current save game acquire deleted?



No, Tapping CANCEL will certainly not delete your conserve game. I simply took the risk and tried.

You have the right to cancel and also then proceed to tap on MANAGE save DATA. Over there you"ll see the most Current Save game at the top and also can keep it in one of two people of the 3 neighborhood slots or the iCloud slot by tapping SAVE next to the respective slot. Once you then tap top top PLAY single PLAYER, you"ll continue with her Current Save.



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