Learn about my favourite Adobe Premiere agree shortcuts for progressed users. This will aid maximize your efficiency.

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1. Convert Panels

You can quickly switch between panels in Premiere Pro using these handy shortcuts:

Shift-1: job PanelShift-2: resource MonitorShift-3: TimelineShift-4: regime MonitorShift-5: effects ControlsShift-7: results Panel


2. Match Frame:

Quickly find and load the resource clip through one click:

Click F within the timelineThe clip will be found and loaded in the resource monitor and also show the specific frame the you space processing


3. Dough Attributes:

Paste clips v attributes already established:

Cmd-C or Ctrl-C come Copy the clip characteristics on a handle clip, then move to a brand-new clip needing processing.Opt-Cmd-V or Alt-Ctrl-V will open the Paste qualities panel and also choose the features you desire to be applied to your new clip. Friend can uncover keyframes under the movement tab.Click OK and your new clip is processed.


4. Understand Clip Effects:

Change effects on all clips in ~ once:

Switch to the color workspace which will bring up the Lumetri shade panel.Click on the Master tab in the Lumetri color panel and also make changes to readjust all clips. This is a great option because that doing color corrections.

5. Replace edit (in editing and enhancing workspace):

Easily replace clips and maintain initial attributes, duration and also transitions:

Option-drag or Alt-drag a replacement clip.Drop it on the clip you want to replace. Duration, transitions, keyframes, and effects will remain and also apply to the new clip.


6. Global Effects Mute:

Toggle results on and off worldwide with one button:

Drag Global results Mute switch down native the regime monitor come your manage bar. When you click on the button, you can toggle the effects on and also off in ~ the very same time rather of individually.

7. Add Keyframes:

Create smooth transitions in her audio with Keyframes:

Command-Click or Control-Click on your audio clip.Using her selection tool, friend can adjust the keyframes through dragging the handles in the audio panel producing smooth transitions.


8. Change Playback rate (more control on playback speed, 보다 J, K, and also L):

Change playback rate in little increments:

Shift L: beat a small faster.Shift J: pat a small slower.

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I hope you uncover these shortcuts for advanced Premiere agree users beneficial to you. Clock my other videos and subscribe for an ext tips and tricks.