Instead of making use of the Joy-Con controller to capture "em all, girlfriend can connect the, much-cooler Poké round Plus to use as a controller v Pokémon Let"s Go. The white switch on height acts together a joystick and also when you press it, it triggers the A button. The red button on peak of the Poké ball Plus launches her menu and exits out of windows. Here"s how to collection it up.

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How to connect your Poké ball Plus to Pokémon Let"s Go

When you first start Pokémon Let"s Go, you"ll it is in asked i beg your pardon controller form you desire to use. You deserve to manually move to the Poké round Plus at any type of time.

Launch Pokémon Let"s Go on your Nintendo Switch.Press the X button on her Joy-Con.Press the Y button on your Joy-Con.

Select Open Controller Settings.

Press the white button on the Poké round Plus. It might take a few seconds to connect.Press the white button on the Poké ball Plus again ~ the icon turns red.

Press the white button ~ above the Poké sphere Plus again to confirm that you want to usage it.


Once connected, your Poké ball Plus have the right to be provided as a traditional controller. Use the joystick come walk around. Push the white switch on height of the joystick to choose things. Push the red switch on peak of the Poké sphere Plus to open up the menu or departure out that windows.

How come disconnect your Poké ball Plus from Pokémon GO

If friend didn"t already know this, friend can"t have the Poké sphere Plus paired v two devices (like your iPhone and Nintendo Switch) in ~ the very same time. Luckily, it"s easy to unpair your Poké round from Pokémon Let"s Go. Here"s how.

Launch Pokémon Let"s Go on your Nintendo Switch.Press the red button top top the Poké sphere Plus to carry up the menu.Press the Y button on her Joy-Con.

Select Open Controller Settings.

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Press any button on your Joy-Con controllers.

Press the A button on her Joy-Con controller to confirm that you desire to use it.


How to get the many out of Pokémon Let"s Go

If you really want to beat Pokémon Let"s walk in style, you"re walking to desire to pick up a Poké ball Plus. It"s really funny to use rather of those boring old Joy-Cons. Am i right?

The ball

Poké ball Plus

Catch "em all with a real Poké Ball!

If you desire to really feel like a Pokémon Trainer, nothing beats gift able to usage a actual Poké ball to record one. Plus, you gain an exclusive, elusive Mythical Mew through it!