To upgrade your username: walk to the account details page and also click the pencil next to your current username. You can only modify it as soon as every 30 days.

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How To adjust Your Ubisoft Username

I’ve had my Ubisoft account for a year and also I’m no sure exactly how much an ext time it will take me to come up with a brand-new Ubisoft username. That is tough due to the fact that Ubisoft does no let you change your Ubisoft username there is no losing every one of your game progress, items, etc. For this reason if you space trying come think about what the finest option could be before transforming it, think about going earlier over part old write-ups or pictures on this blog to acquire an idea the what the user title have to be! however first… make sure you read through this entire short article so the you know precisely why and how us can aid out.”

Ubisoft permits for a one-time just username readjust without the after-effects of shedding your development on Ubisoft games. You have actually until September 30th, 2017 in ~ 11:59 pm EST (October 01st 06:00 am UTC) to upgrade your Ubisoft account name.”Ubisoft Name Change:

– walk to Ubisoft’s homepage (link) and also find ‘My Account’ in the menu bar;– click on it then select ‘name change’;– to fill out every one of the vital fields, including your brand-new username.”

– Ubisoft will redirect you come a confirmation web page where, after reviewing your information and also agreeing v the terms of this service, you have the right to submit and also complete the surname change. Ubisoft should send an email confirming that they have received your request because that rename prior to processing it.” Ubisoft already offers players plenty of ways to customize their experiences together as v gamertags or PSN ID’s. Yet for those who want much more control over exactly how other civilization know them as soon as playing games Ubisoft supplies the capability to change your Ubisoft name.Before Ubisoft offers this change to players, you require to have actually an Ubisoft account. You deserve to register for one here.”


How long before you can adjust your name on Ubisoft?When you change your username top top February 6th, us send a an alert email so the you deserve to track the time. If you don’t receive any type of emails indigenous us and also want to verify the the adjust was successful, simply follow these steps:
Can you change your Ubisoft account?Please take note that you might only update your username once every 30 days. In some cases, consisting of those whereby it was no in compliance with our password of command or our rules around usernames, you might be recieving a confirmation email to verify the readjust without having actually asked for one.

Did Ubisoft acquire hacked?1. Ubisoft has actually sent the end emails to users that among the company’s websites was hacked.“During this process we learned that data were illegally accessed from ours account2. Database, including user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords,” states the email.
Can I readjust my Ubisoft email?If you room not currently signed in, the very first place come look is in edit > private information. ​Following this, select change next to your email address; from here, an update email should be displayed.

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Is Ubisoft account safe?Ubisoft login details have to never be shared—especially not through friends and family.